Kouko Shirakawa’s Kokyu no Karasu Novel Gets Adapted into an Anime

On the official site of the Japanese publishing imprint, Orange Bunko, it has been announced that a Kouko Shirakawa’s fantasy novel depicting a court lady with mysterious powers will be getting an anime adaptation. This is due to the series accumulating a total of 900,000 copies and gaining massive popularity since the release of the first volume in 2018.

Court life has been a popular theme in Japanese literature ever since the Heian period (from the late 8th century to the late 12th century). The Pillow Book by Sei Shonagon and The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu are one of the most famous works in Japanese history and they mainly focus on the lives of nobles and court intrigue in medieval Japan.

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Nobles and aristocrats in anime usually don’t have a big impact on the show’s general theme, in most cases portraying the court as a place where corrupt, selfish and pompous antagonists rest. However, court life in and of itself could, and has been proved to give rise to incredible literary works. The politics, drama and interpersonal relationships keep you invested in the story. On top of that, Kokyu no Karasu puts a little bit of supernatural into the mix.

Deep inside the inner palace lives a special queen consort called the “Crow Queen”. Some say she’s an old woman, while others see her as a young girl. She uses mysterious magical powers to grant people favors, from cursing others to finding lost possessions. The emperor of the time, Koushun, visits the Crow with a request, not knowing that their encounter would overturn history itself. (Translated from the Orange Bunko website)

Apart from a PV released on YouTube earlier today, there is no detailed information on when the anime will be released or about the cast and crew, but updates will be posted on the Orange Bunko official website and Twitter.

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