Who the He*k Is Laddio? Meet ‘The Boys’ Answer to DC’s Robin!

Who The He*K Is Laddio? Meet 'The Boys' Answer to DC's Robin!

The Boys is one of the most popular superhero series in the world, and its fourth season has been doing great since its June 13, 2024 premiere. The season is currently Certified Fresh with high ratings, but the series has also managed to find a way to shock fans episode after episode, and the episode released on the 4th of July is another great example of this.

The Boys‘ Episode 6, “Dirty Business,” was released yesterday to mostly positive reactions, as we on Fiction Horizon have reported, but despite that, it also raised many questions, and fans around the Internet are wondering what they actually saw in the episode.

One of the more bizarre aspects of the latest episode was a new character that was introduced to the lore of The Boys. The character’s name is Laddio, and in this article, you will find out who he is and what his exact role in the story is.

Laddio is a secondary character who debuted in Episode 6 of The Boys‘ Season 4 and he was also portrayed as a very weird and morbid type of sidekick, which says more about his “master”, Tek Knight and the writers, than about him. So, who is he?

His real name is unknown, but we know that when he was born, his parents agreed with Vought that he should be injected with Compound V, which resulted in him becoming a superhero. His main powers are superhuman strength and durability, but he also has excellent hearing, which makes him stand out among the other heroes.

At one point, he was picked personally by Tek Knight to become his personal sidekick, but it turned out that Tek Knight turned him into his personal sex slave and kept torturing him. At one point, Laddio lies to Tek Knight, and when the latter finds out, he decides to imprison Laddio in the Tek Cave, where he chained him in a latex bodysuit and gagged him.

When Hughie finds him and releases him, Laddio decides to help The Boys think of a way to torture Tek Knight, which they ultimately succeed.

The basic concept behind Laddio is related to the Batman-Robin dynamic from DC Comics. Tek Knigth is an obvious take on Batman, while Laddio is his sidekick, a.k.a. Robin. This is a morbid and bizarre take, but not one completely unfounded, as many books – especially early on – and papers implied that there was a (homo)sexual subtext in the Batman and Robin stories.

Be that as it may, Laddio might make an appearance later, so we decided to inform you about the character a bit ahead of the final episodes.

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