‘Law & Order’ Star Says New Season Will “Infuriate” People

law and order

Law & Order, the original show that launched the entire Law & Order franchise on NBC was cancelled in 2010. The series had 20 season and fans were shocked and disappointed with this sudden turn of the events. Luckily for them, the murder drama is officially returning for Season 21, after more than a decade off the air. Sam Waterston, the actor who appeared on nearly 400 episodes of the series is returning as the part of the cast and has recently commented on the show’s comeback.

“It was totally surreal” says Waterston in an interview with Variety, recalling being called back on the set. He adds that the comeback feels like “a step back in time” but warns us that the new season will be different and will portray certain issues which tend to infuriate people and make them frustrated about how those issues turn out. However, he believes that’s the pleasure of watching Law & Order and claims that they are actually providing a useful service:

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“That’s the pleasure of watching Law & Order; there is a resolution but there’s a lot of dissatisfaction with the way it goes. It feels, to me, like Law & Order might have something to contribute to the general conversation because we’re all made about something. We’re all mad as hell about something right now and mad at each other. For us to get these big issues aired, and to have not a conclusion but a resolution of some kind that you can chew on, might be a useful service.”

Waterston was surprised when Season 20 came to an end and although he is super excited to be back on the set, he is aware of the time passed and inevitable changes that come with it. “It does feel familiar, but we are completely different people. The structure of the show, the names of the characters, they’re there from the past. But I feel like I have to find a new way to live in the show”.

The series will continue its classic format, following three police officers investigating a crime and three DAs prosecuting offenders – and will premiere on Thursday, February 24th on NBC.

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