Leslye Headland Promises a Dark Turn in the Final Episode of ‘The Acolyte’ Season 1

Leslye Headland Promises a Dark Turn in the Final Episode of 'The Acolyte' Season 1

Disney’s most recent Star Wars project, The Acolyte has been on Disney+ since June 4, 2024, and despite all the controversies and review-bombing, the series is still one of the most talked about shows as of the time of writing, as the fans are actively discussing the series and many theories related to its characters.

One of the main reasons why the show has been so controversial is its showrunner, Leslye Headland, whose comments and reactions caused a lot of stir online. But things have begun to change after Episode 5, and it seems that the series might get better reviews before it’s over. And if we’re to believe Headland, the series is preparing us for something very dark.

The first season of The Acolyte is set to end relatively soon, and with Episode 5 hyping the fans up to the maximum, many fans are excited to see how the series will handle its new reality, and as Headland said, the finale might be darker than everything we’ll have seen up to that point.

Headland’s comments on the series and the Star Wars universe in general have been a hot topic online and it seems that they will remain as such for a while. We don’t know whether The Acolyte will continue past Season 1, but the likelihood of that happening is quite high at this moment.

The series had a rocky start, but it’s been picking up the pace since Episode 5 and is now one of the most popular shows currently airing. With everything that happened in Episode 5, many fans are wondering where the series will go beyond that point, and it seems that Headland is preparing us for something even darker.

During an interview with Inverse, Headland discussed many things related to the series, but she also revealed her plans for the final episode of Season 1, which is seemingly going to be darker than expected:

We’re officially more than halfway through The Acolyte’s first season. What can we expect from the final episodes?

I would say all the dots start connecting. The synapses start firing, especially after the switch between mentors for Episode 6 and going into Episode 7 and 8. There’s more action; there’s more lightsabers. It’s got a lot of the stuff that we’ve already had, but if there’s anything different about the second half of the season, it’s darker. It gets increasingly more emotional. Where we had to start big in the first half of this season to, again, build that world, like, “Here’s where we are. Here are a bunch of new people. There are no references to other Star Wars media.” Now, in the second half of the season, the pieces are all on the board. Now they’re going to start making moves that are going to inform an endgame, and I think that always ends up being pretty emotional at the end of the season or the end of any story.

Source: Inverse

Of course, Headland did not reveal any details, but we’re quite excited to see how this will end up, especially in light of everything that has happened in the recent episodes. It might just be that The Acolyte becomes one of the best Star Wars shows of all time, but it also might end up being a flop. We’ll see!

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