Light Novels ‘God’s Game We Play’ Gets an Anime Adaptation

Kei Sazane’s God’s Game We Play, in Japanese Kami wa Game ni Ueteiru, was revealed to be getting an anime adaptation. The news was released through a promotional video uploaded on Kadokawa Anime’s official YouTube channel. Not many details regarding the light novel’s anime adaptation were released. 

Check out the promotional video below:

The short video reveals the characters for the upcoming anime. The upbeat techno music playing in the background mixed with what possibly could be the goddess Leoreche speaking about the game’s rules lasts for the duration of the PV. 

The light novels for God’s Game We Play follow the story of a mortal, Fay Theo Phils, who participates in intellectual games created by bored supreme gods. The former goddess, Leoreche, embarks on a mission to find the most intelligent human alive- that’s how she meets Fay. 

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The first volume for the light novel series was published by Kadokawa on January 21, with the fourth volume confirmed to ship in a few days. Apart from the upcoming anime adaptation already in the making, God’s Game We Play has already been adapted into a manga series in August 2021. 

Fans of the light novel and manga series were thrilled to hear the exciting news. As soon as the announcement was made on the novel’s official Twitter account, a string of excited replies filled the thread. 

More information regarding the upcoming anime will be released in the following months. To stay updated, you can follow the official Twitter account of God’s Game We Play. 

Source: Official Twitter Account

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