Live-Action ‘The Sims’ Movie Moving Forward: Kate Herron Will Direct, Margot Robbie to Produce

Live-Action 'The Sims' Movie Moving Forward: Kate Herron Will Direct, Margot Robbie to Produce

As you’ve probably noticed yourselves, the audiences have been very kind to live-action and animated adaptations of video games and similar brands in recent years, as the studios have seemingly cracked the formula for making a good video game-based movie. Disney had a hit with Wreck-It-Ralph, the LEGO franchise is now a classic, and The Super Mario Bros. Movie was a major hit, with last year’s Barbie (based on a major toy brand) being a global phenomenon. Knowing that fact, the video game adaptation market is growing, and we can confirm that the teased live-action movie based on The Sims franchise is moving forward.

It has been confirmed that Amazon MGM Studios have acquired the rights to the film and will actually provide part of the budget, so the movie has managed to land a major studio behind it, and some big names are attached to the project as well, so fans can start getting excited.

We have reported earlier that a Sims-based movie was in the works, although the project had not been confirmed back then and no studio was attached to it at that point. Margot Robbie was attached to the project as a producer through her production company, but that was only part of the project’s realization, as they did not have a studio to back them up at the time. Robbie is a brand name, of course, and her inclusion was sure to attract potential buyers, but it was still a long way to go from having a producer to getting a studio to support the project.

Another name that was initially attached to the project was Kate Herron (Loki, Sex Education, The Last of Us), who was mentioned as a potential director for the upcoming film. So, what happened? Well, it seems that The Sims is yet another project to benefit from the cinema market exploding in Cannes, although we don’t have an official confirmation that the movie actually found a studio in Cannes (but it’s buying season, eh?), as Puck reports that Amazon MGM has bought the rights to the movie. If nothing changes in this regard, The Sims movie has certainly gotten a major studio to back it up, which means that we might get a great final product in the end, and a movie that we are certainly going to enjoy on more than one level.

Margot Robbie has been confirmed as a producer on the movie, but it has not been confirmed that she will also be starring in the movie; a cameo is possible, though, based on the filming schedule. On top of that, Kate Herron has been confirmed as the movie’s director, so it turns out that our initial report about the movie was actually correct.

As far as the project is concerned, we could very well see a movie that tackles the concept of free will and virtual reality, similar to how Barbie tackled the issue of emancipation and women’s rights through the journey of the titular heroine. This is, sadly, all that we have at the time of writing, but we will be updating you as soon as more information comes out, so be sure to keep following us for more of the same in the future. Until then!

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