‘Loki’: How Did Sylvie Cause a Nexus Event as a Child?

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The very reason why different variants of the same character in the Sacred Timeline needed to be pruned was the fact that they all caused Nexus Events, which forced the timeline to steer away from the designated Sacred Timeline and prevent the rise of He Who Remains. That was what happened in ‘Loki’ when the TVA took in Sylvie, a Loki variant, so that they could prune her as she was set to cause a Nexus Event. But how did Sylvie cause a Nexus Event as a child?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Sylvie’s very existence was what caused a Nexus Event because she was always very different from the standard Loki, not only in terms of her gender but also her personality.
  • Sylvie’s Nexus Event is still unknown, but fans believe that the TVA sensed that she was going to be dangerous to the Sacred Timeline.

Sylvie’s very existence caused a Nexus Event

Back in season 1 of ‘Loki,’ one of the things that we saw was that Loki, who became a variant of the standard Loki due to the events of ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ got caught by the TVA. But instead of pruning him, the TVA recruited him because he was the only one who could help them with a much more serious problem. And it involved another variant of Loki.

This Loki variant that they were talking about was a female Loki. Her name is Sylvie. Of course, Sylvie has been running away from the TVA ever since she was a little girl to avoid getting pruned. And while running away from the TVA, she was causing different problems that forced the TVA to reset different timelines.

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Of course, what people would be quick to notice is the fact that Sylvie is a female Loki variant, while almost all of the other variants we saw were male. So, in the eyes of a lot of people, the fact that Sylvie was female may have been why the TVA wanted to prune her, as she was not similar to the standard Loki. After all, the TVA captured her when she was still just a little girl, while the other Loki variants were captured later in their lives.

All of the other Loki variants did something that caused Nexus Events. For example, the standard Loki in the series became a variant when he escaped from S.H.I.E.L.D. during the Battle of New York. Classic Loki, meanwhile, caused a Nexus Event when he faked his death when Thanos was supposed to kill him. So, in that regard, these Loki variants all did something that caused Nexus Events that were set to change the Sacred Timeline’s path.


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However, Sylvie didn’t even do something major in her case. When the TVA captured her, she was just a little girl playing with her toys. This allowed fans to believe Sylvie caused a Nexus Event simply because she was a girl. And that’s why the TVA had to do something about her.

What was Sylvie’s Nexus Event?

As mentioned, it is widely believed that Sylvie’s gender caused concern on the part of the TVA because she was a girl instead of a boy. But if that’s the case, why did the TVA wait until she was a young girl instead of when she was just a baby? Well, there’s a theory that could help explain what her true Nexus Event was.

In season 1, Sylvie and Ravonna Renslayer had a moment with one another wherein Sylvie asked the TVA judge what her Nexus Event was. Renslayer simply brushed the question off by telling her that she doesn’t remember. This could mean that Renslayer simply didn’t remember the Nexus Event because it wasn’t important or that she was simply taunting Sylvie by opting not to tell her what her Nexus Event was.

But fans believe Sylvie’s Nexus Event was her very existence and personality. This could be seen in the flashback scene when she was just a little girl. In that scene, she was playing with her toys, pretending that her Valkyrie toy was flying off to Asgard to save the day. The TVA arrived shortly to arrest her.

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As the TVA was taking her in, she saw that the TVA took in another variant and that this person was struggling while in the custody of the TVA. She screamed, “Help him!” This scene could point to the fact that her existence itself was the Nexus Event.

We know that the standard version of Loki was already a mischievous child, as he even stabbed Thor when they were still children. In fact, it was his mischievous and somewhat evil personality that helped steer the entire events of the MCU to the direction it is taking right now, as he was the one who was responsible for leading Thanos’ army during the Battle of New York.


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But Sylvie was already showing signs of being a nice person when she was just a little girl. The fact that she was playing the role of a hero while playing with her toys could have been the sign that the TVA was waiting for. Regular Loki would have played the villain role while playing with his toys. Of course, the fact that she wanted someone to help the abused variant in the TVA was another sign of her inherently good personality.

While we know that Sylvie became vengeful during the ‘Loki’ series events, she only became such because the TVA hunted her down and robbed her of her freedom. She was fighting for her freedom but was not a cold-blooded murderer.

Sylvie’s inherently nice personality also surfaced in season 2. After achieving the freedom she worked so hard to get, she decided to live a simple life as a McDonald’s employee in Oklahoma instead of doing something grand or Loki-like (such as taking over an entire city). And when she was about to kill Victor Timely, she changed her mind after realizing that this variant of He Who Remains could be a good person.

Sylvie may have spared Timely because she understood that variants of the same character could still be different from the other variants in terms of their personality and paths in life. So, when she realized that Timely could be good, she may have also realized that she and Loki were different from the other Loki variants they met.

In a way, the TVA may have sensed that a nice Loki would have changed the course of the Sacred Timeline. As such, Sylvie’s very existence as a nice Loki was a big threat to the TVA and the Sacre Timeline, as some of the events that would have led to the rise of He Who Remains would not have happened due to her innately good heart.

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