‘Loki’: Ouroboros’ Name Finally Makes Sense

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We know that Timely is a variant of He Who Remains and was the man who had the knowledge and ingenuity to come up with the different inventions that the TVA used to monitor the Sacred Timeline. But he credited everything he knew to Ouroboros, the author of the TVA guidebook that he used to enrich his knowledge. It was actually the meeting between OB and Timely that allowed things to make sense as far as OB’s name is concerned. And that’s what we’re here to look at.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • OB’s name comes from the concept of ouroboros, which is an ancient alchemical symbol depicting a serpent eating its own tail.
  • OB was the one who wrote the TVA guidebook, which he wrote using knowledge from Victor Timely, who used OB’s writings to come up with inventions.
  • The infinite loop symbolizes a snake eating its own tail, thus allowing OB’s name to make sense.

What is the ouroboros?

The storyline of ‘Loki’ season 2 allowed us to meet Ouroboros (also known as OB), who we know is one of the new characters who play a crucial role in the second season. Ouroboros is the resident tech wiz of the TVA, as he basically handles everything related to the technological aspects of the TVA. He was also the one who wrote the TVA guidebook that the members of the TVA use to learn more about the different technologies and guidelines of the TVA.


Of course, the “ouroboros” word is very familiar to many people because it has been used in several different works of literature. We have seen the word being used in movies and even in anime. And there’s a good reason why the concept of ouroboros is very common in literature and fiction.

According to ancient alchemical writings, the ouroboros symbol depicts a serpent or a dragon eating its own tail. The symbol allows the serpent or dragon to devour itself, thus getting reborn from itself. In that sense, it symbolizes an infinite loop involving the serpent existing forever just by devouring itself.

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The symbol has been used in a lot of different mythologies, including Greek and Egyptian, due to how meaningful it is to the spiritual belief that everything exists in an infinite loop, especially in the world of alchemy. 

One of the most important concepts of alchemy involves equivalent exchange, which involves giving up something to create something new. This is similar to the Law of Conservation of Energy in physics, which says that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Basically, things never disappear but will constantly change form in an endless cycle of destruction and creation.


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The Ouroboros symbol symbolizes how the serpent will always be reborn by eating itself and getting reborn from it, and this is why it is so important in the spiritual and alchemical beliefs of ancient times. This is also why the infinity symbol is similar to the infinity symbol, which also takes inspiration from the Mobius strip.

OB’s meeting with Victor Timely

Going back to our point, episode 4 of ‘Loki’ allowed us to see a meeting between OB and Victor Timely, who Loki and Mobius were successfully able to bring to the TVA after a lot of different things happened in episode 3.

One of the things that we found out in episode 3 was the fact that Ravonna Renslayer brought a TVA guidebook to a younger Victor Timely, who used the guidebook as a way for him to speed up his development as a bright mind. In his conversation with Renslayer, he said that the guidebook was the one that gave him direction in life because he learned a lot of things from the writings of Ouroboros, whom he said was seemingly talking to him while he was reading the guidebook.

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So, when Timely met OB in the TVA, he was starstruck when he met the man who wrote the guidebook responsible for helping him become a better inventor and giving him many different unique ideas. But when Timely told OB how big of a genius he was for writing the guidebook, OB told Timely that he was only able to write the TVA guidebook due to the ideas of a 19th-century genius named Victor Timely, whom he thought would have certainly been bigger than Albert Einstein if he had better technology during his era.

That was when OB realized that he was actually talking to Victor Timely in the flesh. Loki tried to make sense of what was happening there because he realized that Timely could only become a genius due to the TVA guidebook that OB wrote by using the ideas of Victor Timely. OB acknowledges the loop by saying that “it was like a snake eating its own tail.”


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This is where OB’s name makes sense because he is basically a product of the ouroboros principle used in spirituality and alchemy. The fact that OB was able to write the guidebook thanks to Timely’s ideas, which were formed due to the existence of the guidebook, represents an infinite loop wherein the writings of OB and the ideas of Timely are both responsible for the birth of one another.

Yes, it does get confusing, but it makes sense if you look at the fact that most of the storyline of ‘Loki’ happens in the TVA, which is outside the normal confines of time and space. Of course, we also know that the people of the TVA are capable of entering different points in time in the Sacred Timeline, making it possible for Ouroboros and Victor Timely to proverbially eat each other’s snake to give life to the technology and ideas that the TVA use.

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