‘Loki’ Season 2: Here’s What File Mobius Requested

where did Mobius go after he left the TVA

In Loki’s character evolution within the ‘Loki‘ series, Mobius M. Mobius stands out as a pivotal figure. Serving as a TVA analyst, Mobius became Loki’s first genuine friend. As Season 2 concluded, we witnessed the TVA still operational despite Loki’s sacrifice. Notably, Mobius persisted in his role as an analyst and went on to request a file that appeared to hold significant importance to him. The question arises: What was the content of the file that Mobius sought?

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  • Mobius has never delved into the branches of his life, as he appeared to cherish his existence within the TVA.
  • Nevertheless, he sought a file linked to his variant’s life, aiming to witness the individuals whom he and the TVA had been safeguarding all along.

Mobius was afraid to find out what kind of life he had outside of TVA

Throughout the ‘Loki’ series, Mobius M. Mobius has stood as a constant presence in Loki’s tumultuous journey. He played a pivotal role in convincing Loki to change his ways and collaborate with the TVA in pursuit of Sylvie. Despite being a steadfast friend to Loki, Mobius was also ready to risk everything, particularly in uncovering the truth behind the TVA and its enigmatic controllers.

While Mobius demonstrated unwavering loyalty to both Loki and the TVA, a recurring theme in his character was his selflessness. Unlike the initially self-centered Loki, Mobius consistently prioritized the TVA over his personal interests.

However, criticism from both Brand Wolfe and Sylvie highlighted a notable blind spot in Mobius’s perspective—he seemingly neglected his own existence and the branches of his life. They pointed out that he had never explored his variant’s life in the Sacred Timeline, emphasizing his apparent lack of curiosity about his own history.

loki and mobius pie

Mobius, in response, always brushed off such comments, expressing contentment with his life at the TVA and gratitude for being brought there. While there may be truth in his assertion, it’s evident that Mobius is still inherently human, harboring curiosity about the life he was meant to lead in the Sacred Timeline.

The reasons for his reluctance to delve into his past could stem from a fear of disillusionment, dreading the possibility that it might lead to resentment toward his current life. Despite his almost unwavering loyalty to the TVA, this aspect of Mobius’s character adds a layer of complexity, making him intriguing and undeniably human.


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Mobius left the TVA

Loki, Mobius’s closest companion, made a monumental sacrifice by dismantling the Temporal Loom and assuming control of the multiverse’s various timelines. This selfless act required Loki to depart the TVA, positioning himself at the end of time, forever isolated. Nevertheless, his sacrifice secured the freedom of his friends and preserved the integrity of diverse timelines.

Post-Loki’s sacrifice, the TVA continued its operations, now monitoring threats across the multiverse. Mobius, mentioning a He Who Remains variant at Earth-616, sought a file containing information on a specific variant.

Despite the pressing matters in the War Room, Mobius chose to take a hiatus from the TVA. Expressing a desire to explore what the TVA had safeguarded, he aimed to witness the different timelines, including those of his own variant.

Mobius, overlooking the home of the variant encountered by Loki in Season 2, Episode 5, was joined by Sylvie, who remarked on the absence of Loki. While a hint of sadness lingered, it was evident that Mobius now comprehended the significance of what the TVA had been protecting. The life of a father with two young boys, though not his own, seemed appealing.

Mobius life outside of tva

Previously indifferent to exploring his life in the Sacred Timeline, Loki’s sacrifice possibly prompted Mobius to reassess. Recognizing Loki’s sacrifice for their freedom and the necessity of the TVA’s existence to guard against Kang variants, Mobius sought to understand the importance of protecting lives in various timelines within the multiverse.

Although Mobius has left the TVA, glimpses into his life’s timeline may instill a deeper appreciation for his role. There remains a possibility of his return in the future, as newfound understanding may reinforce the significance of his duty.

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