‘Loki’: What Is Victor Timely’s Life’s Work?


The events of episode 3 of season 2 of ‘Loki’ allowed us to see just how Victor Timely plays a role in the events of the entire series, as we saw Loki and Mobius battling with Ravonna Renslayer for the opportunity to recruit this Kang variant. But we saw in the episode that Timely wasn’t willing to leave his timeline without a device that he called his life’s work. So, what device did Timely believe was his life’s work?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Victor Timely was the one responsible for creating the Temporal Loom, which was capable of turning raw time into energy.
  • The Temporal Loom was not his life’s work because he called the Throughput Multiplier his greatest discovery.

Timely is a genius beyond his time

Back in the events of season 1 of ‘Loki,’ one of the things that we saw was the fact that Ravonna Renslayer started working with Miss Minutes and had escaped the TVA to go to a place where no one could follow her. Of course, in episode 2 of season 2, we learned that the TVA was able to get the lead on Renslayer’s location as it became clear that Loki and the rest of the TVA were looking to follow her to see what she was up to.

In episode 3, we saw that Renslayer and Miss Minutes returned to the 1860s in Chicago, Illinois, because Minutes had a contingency plan regarding He Who Remains, who had been killed by Sylvie. The contingency plan involved Renslayer leaving a TVA guidebook in a young boy’s home, and this was one of the most important things that happened to this young child, who was already showcasing his potential as a genius. This guidebook was meant to speed up this young child’s progress.

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Loki and Mobius, however, followed Renslayer to the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago because that was where they sensed she would be. It turned out that there was a man named Victor Timely, who had an exhibition regarding the Temporal Loom, and that attracted the interest of Loki and Mobius, who both thought this could be related to Renslayer.

To Loki’s surprise, Victor Timely became a variant of He Who Remains. This was the very same scene shown during the post-credit scene of ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,’ as Loki was scared and shocked to see He Who Remains in the flesh even though Sylvie had already killed him.

During the exhibition, Timely displayed a small prototype of the Temporal Loom, which he explained could transform raw time into energy that could potentially power the entire world if he could create a machine that was big enough to do so. Of course, investors were interested in offering their money for Timely’s Temporal Loom, only for the Kang variant to swindle them all.

While it may be true that Timely was not entirely a nice person because he often swindled people, the thing is that he was actually a true genius in every sense of the word. He was able to design devices that he thought would change the world but were limited by the technological capabilities of his time. Nevertheless, the Temporal Loom itself was already a great accomplishment for someone who didn’t have the same technological capacity that the TVA or the modern-day MCU has.


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Timely also credited the TVA guidebook for guiding him toward the right path, as he believed that he wouldn’t have been able to speed up his development as a visionary inventor without it. The Kang variant described the guidebook in a way that made him believe that Ouroboros, the author, was speaking to him. He was even so thankful to Ravonna Renslayer for leaving the guidebook in his home years ago.

Still, even though he was a genius, Timely couldn’t bring to life most of his designs as the current timeline didn’t have the technological and industrial capabilities to allow him to create devices he knew could change the world.

The Throughput Multiplier is his “greatest discovery”

During the first half of episode 3 of season 2 of ‘Loki,’ Loki and Mobius had to contend with Ravonna Renslayer and Sylvie to see who could get to Victor Timely first. Renslayer won and convinced Timely to go with her and Miss Minutes to the TVA so that he could take his rightful place as He Who Remains. However, he wasn’t willing to leave without his “life’s work,” which was in his lab, which was over at the other side of the lake.

Timely wasn’t quite vocal about his life’s work, but there was a good chance he revealed it in the middle of the episode. During a moment with Renslayer, he showed the designs that he wrote on his TVA guidebook as he told her that the Throughput Multiplier might be able to help the Temporal Loom over at the TVA. And he described the Throughput Multiplier as his “greatest discovery.”

throughput multiplier

This allows us to think that the Throughput Multiplier was his life’s work, even though he wasn’t quite vocal about what it does or can do. The only thing we know is that the Throughput Multiplier is connected to the Temporal Loom and is a special device that could be much more important than the Temporal Loom itself.


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Timely reached his lab, where he grabbed a small device that could very well be a prototype of the Throughput Multiplier. Of course, this was likely a smaller version of his life’s work because he knew that he was limited by the capacity of the technology of his time. As such, he might have originally planned to bring this device over to the TVA to take advantage of the TVA’s advanced tech to finally give life to the Throughput Multiplier.

Loki and Mobius were able to take Timely to the TVA after Sylvie incapacitated Renslayer. Instead of killing Timely, Sylvie gave him a chance because the Kang variant told her he still had a chance to be good. So, if Victor Timely is a better version of Kang or He Who Remains, the Throughput Multiplier might be his chance to prove it, especially if this device could help the Temporal Loom and the TVA.

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