Is Make My Day Kids Friendly? Age Rating Explained!

Is Make My Day Kids Friendly Age Rating

Make My Day is the upcoming anime series distributed by Netflix. The show is a part of the new slate of anime that Netflix has decided to promote since the Japanese animation has finally reached the West on a bigger scale. Disney spotted this change in the market and made its own moves with the upcoming collaborations, projects like Twisted Wonderland and Summer Time Rendering are expected to be released throughout this year. What we see here are some of the first attempts at adapting anime to the mainstream animation scene. When it comes to age ratings, you can expect almost anything when it comes to anime. Some people tend to think that all animation is kid-friendly, especially parents that haven’t encountered some of the recently popularised series. With that said, let’s take a look if Make My Day is kid friendly.

Make My Day is not kid-friendly. Even though Make My Day hasn’t been released yet, looking at the trailer alone, it does not seem kid friendly. The series contains a lot of violence and fighting between alien creatures and humans. Some of the creatures are quite scary-looking, and it’s mostly because of the 3D animation style. Looking at some of the age restriction qualifications, we would say that this show would probably get the rating of PG-13, so it would not be recommended for children under the age of 13.

If you would like to know more about the topic, stick with us and keep reading, we will dive into more detail from what we could gather so far about the series and its potential rating.

Is Make My Day kids-friendly?

Most parents want to know if certain media is appropriate for their child to view. This is why there are systems in place for these specific situations. Each show is looked at on a scale of ratings, and different countries find different things appropriate, so what we will try to do is look at the trailer for the series and gather as much information on it as we can.

This way, you can decide for yourself if you think it is appropriate to show your kids the Make My Day series. Since the release date is in a couple of days, to be precise, the release is on February 2, and it will be distributed by Netflix. The director of the show is Makoto Honda, and the original creator is Yasuo Ohtagaki, whose other prominent works include the Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt series.

Make My Day poster
Make My Day promotional poster

Some of the key things we are going to look for in the trailer are how much violence, profanity, and nudity are represented. Sometimes trailers can be deceiving at first glance, but even so, we will investigate to see if something would imply such a scenario. If the movie or TV show plays with genre or wants to create certain mysteries, one of the ways that can be done is by masking a sad story with humor or something completely opposite.

This is done to throw the viewers off, but for Make My Day, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The show is not supposed to hide its premise, and certain plot points will be hidden, of course. This is done so that certain questions are not immediately answered, but we would definitely say that the trailer shows most of the trends of what it is going to contain.


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Make My Day parents guide

In this section, we are going to take a look at the categories for age ratings and see what some of the potential elements that are not appropriate for children are.

Violence and gore

We believe that this category is the most represented in the trailer for Make My Day. There are a lot of depictions of violence. In fact, it is one of the main drivers of the story. Humans have to survive after discovering a new threat on their planet. These aliens are bug-like creatures that are highly dangerous and, more importantly, visually quite gory.

The alien bugs are certainly going to appear often because of the storyline that follows from the human perspective. We also have certain robotic creatures that will appear, which adds to the violence of the series. We definitely wouldn’t say that a child would have nightmares after watching this show. Maybe if you know your child is afraid of bugs, in that case maybe skip it.

Another element that seems to be present is the blood which appears in certain scenes, there doesn’t seem to be much of it, but we wanted to make a note of that as well. Other than that, the violence shown includes shooting guns, physical fights, and some depictions of blood. The show also includes a lot of explosions and instances of large fires shown.


From what we have seen in the trailer, there doesn’t seem to be any curse words or graphic language. There are many opportunities to showcase curse words in situations where the characters are being attacked, but it looks like that kind of language won’t be used.

Sex and nudity

There are no implications of nudity or sexual relations in this series. In fact, we rarely see the main character out of their space suits. The premise of the series is about the human race trying to mine certain materials, after which they discover an alien race that wants to kill them. We will see some of the characters interacting when they are in their base area, but there was no nudity or any explicit scenes shown.

Make My Day age rating

To summarise what we have found out so far about the show Make My Day. There are certain aspects of the story that require different depictions of violence. This is a show that follows a very cold planet on which humans are habitats. There is a certain program in place for prisoners. If they want to work, they can be a part of the mining process. Certain materials can be extracted from a mysterious hole in the planet.

The prisoners have the ability to give back to the community if they enter this program. We follow some of these prisoners who discover the alien race. Not only do they have to survive but they also win the fight against them so that they may continue living on the planet.


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The series includes a lot of scenes of violence, it is not entirely graphic, but there are certain depictions of blood. Overall there is not much gore included in the show. Maybe some would find the aliens disturbing because of their bug-like appearance. Other than that, there is no profanity included nor any kind of nudity or sexual relations shown.

The rating we think the show would most likely get is PG-13, which means that it wouldn’t be recommended for children under the age of 13. There is, of course, the possibility when the show comes out, the rating might be higher, so definitely be on the lookout for the rating after its release date. Make My Day comes out this year on February 2, and we are very excited to see what this new Netflix series will deliver.

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