‘Malcolm in the Middle’ Reboot Still in the Works, Frankie Muniz Confirms!

Malcolm in the Middle Reboot Still in the Works Frankie Muniz Confirms

Malcolm in the Middle is a cult classic coming-of-age sitcom that has left a permanent mark on early 2000s television. Created by Linwood Boomer, the series originally ran from January 9, 2000, to May 14, 2006, spanning seven seasons and 151 episodes. Even though the story ended, Malcolm in the Middle has remained a major part of television history and it is, even today, considered to have raised a whole generation of children and teenagers who devotedly watched Malcolm and his family over the years.

Now, it’s been almost 20 years since the final episode aired, but there have been talks – for a while now – that a reboot with the original cast is in the works. The project is supposedly headed by Bryan Cranston, who played Malcolm’s dad, Hal, in the original series, but nothing official has been announced.

Recently, Frankie Muniz, the show’s star, was a guest on Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown, and he talked to the The Big Bang Theory star about his life, his health issues, his family, and – of course – Malcolm in the Middle, the show that made Muniz a star. At one point, Bialik asked him whether he wanted to talk about the rumors of a reboot, and here is what Muniz said:

Yeah… I want to say it was… 2014, I had just watched… maybe, I don’t know when was… sometime a long time ago. Uh I’d watched Malcolm for the first time ever, like all the episodes, they were on Netflix or something, and when the show was on I never watched it you know, uh… but it was really interesting to watch because I really got to watch it as a viewer, because I didn’t necessarily remember what was going to happen in the episodes.

I didn’t, you know you, know, um… and my perspective of the show completely changed from what I thought the show was to what it actually was when I watched it. Like, the show we were, what I thought the show we were making was compared to what it was. Even characters that when we were filming the show I was like – Ah I don’t really like that character – they became my favorite characters as a viewer, um…

And I… I think I… I tweeted like, “Man I just finished watching the thing, I would love to know where Malcolm and his family are now.” At that time was 10 years later. You know what I mean. Now it’s almost been 20 years since the show ended, um… And everyone kind of was like “oh that’d be so great” and then Bryan Cranston and Jane Kaczmarek and and all the cast started kind of sending emails together and everybody was like “we’ve got to do this, we’ve got to do it,” and the only… I don’t want to call it a hiccup because it’s it’s not a hiccup, but the creator of the show, Linwood Boomer, when we contacted him, he was like “I think it would be amazing,” he’s like, “but I don’t want to do it.”

He’s like, because I just don’t have time, because I’m focused on my, you know, my charity, and I’m focused on this, he’s like, but if you get these two writers to be involved it’ll have my blessing, if… if what they come up with is good.

So really, for the last couple years, Bryan Cranston and these two writers have… Brian’s been heading, kind of… pushing it, because he he really loves the idea, um… of putting together a script and figuring out what it could be, and… and, uh… we’ll see what happens. I mean, I would… like I said, I would love love it, especially like I said, I have a greater appreciation of even what the show is and was, and would love to dive in with, uh… all those people again to… to… to do it. And in that same sense, that was 2014 or whatever, when we originally started talking about it… so many shows have been rebooted and so many shows shouldn’t have been rebooted, so I don’t want to be like just one of those shows that gets… it has to make sense, it has to be good, um… But I don’t know. We… so we’ll see I… I would be… I would be into it 100% if… if it happened, but… but, we’ll see.

You can check out the whole interview on YouTube.

As you can see, there is a will to reboot the story and show Malcolm’s family 20 years later. The project is still headed by Cranston, and while Boomer will most likely not participate in the project, the author has given a green light to the project. With the “reboot craze” still going on in Hollywood, Malcolm could indeed be back, but everyone wants the cult classic show to return in a perfect way, so there is no rush.

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