‘Mandy’ Director Unites Kristen Stewart and Oscar Isaac for Vampire Thriller ‘Flesh of the Gods’

'Mandy' Director Unites Kristen Stewart and Oscar Isaac for Vampire Thriller 'Flesh of the Gods'

It seems that the vampire genre is coming back in style! A once popular subgenre of horror and fantasy movies, the vampire genre became less popular after 2010 and not many filmmakers opted to make such movies anymore. But, it seems that we’re going to see a resurgence of vampire films in the near future. We have already reported on the upcoming vampire flick by Ryan Coogler, we’ve had several such movies recently, and there is another one coming up in 2025. Namely, Italian-Canadian filmmaker Panos Cosmatos is working on an original vampire thriller titled Flesh of the Gods, and it has been confirmed that the film will star Kristen Stewart and Oscar Isaac!

Panos Cosmatos is best known as the director of the action-horror Mandy (2018), which starred Elijah Wood. The filmmaker is now back after a 7-year break, as his Flesh of the Gods is scheduled to be released in Cannes in 2025 and we are going to bring you all the information we have about the movie!

As you might have assumed, not much is known about the title at this moment, but we do have some information to share with you. Cosmatos came up with the story, but the screenplay was written by Andrew Kevin Walker (Se7en, The Killer), with Adam McKay and Betsy Koch of Hyperobject Industries; WME Independent, CAA Media Finance and XYZ Films are also involved. Isaac and Gena Konstantinakos will also produce for Mad Gene Media, the production company Isaac set up with his wife Elvira Lind.

As for the plot, we know that the movie will be set in “glittering ’80s L.A.,” and will focus on the story of the married couple Raoul (Isaac) and Alex (Stewart), who – while descending from their skyscraper condo – encounter Nameless, an enigmatic figure who will change their lives forever by introducing them to a completely new world of hedonism, thrills and violence.

Cosmatos said that “like Los Angeles itself, ‘Flesh of the Gods’ inhabits the liminal realm between fantasy and nightmare. Both propulsive and hypnotic, ‘Flesh’ will take you on a hot rod joy ride deep into the glittering heart of hell.” Producer Adam McKay also added:

“This director, this writer, these incredible actors, vampires, choice ’80s punk, style and attitude for miles… that’s the film we’re bringing you today. We think it’s wildly commercial and wildly artful. Our ambitions are to make a movie that ripples through popular culture, fashion, music and film. Can you tell how excited I am?”

Source: Variety

As you can see, the team behind the project is promising to deliver an entertaining product. Whether that will happen is something we cannot predict, but we wish them all the best. We will be keeping you up-to-date with all the latest news, so be sure to keep following us for more information!

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