‘Gen V’: Marie Moreau Isn’t as Unique as You Thought She Was & Here’s Why

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When we first saw the first episode of ‘Gen V,’ the actual belief was that we had a new and unique supe in our hands because Marie Moreau, the star of the series, has the power to control blood and do whatever she wants with it. In that regard, we thought she was the only one of her kind as we hadn’t seen someone like her. But episode 7 of ‘Gen V’ changes all that. So, why isn’t Marie Moreau unique?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • In episode 7 of ‘Gen V,’ Victoria Neuman allowed Marie to learn more about what her powers can do.
  • Neuman eventually revealed that she and Marie have the same powers to control blood.
  • This means that Neuman’s ability to blow people’s heads is related to her ability to control blood.

The true nature of Marie’s powers

We all know that the events of ‘Gen V’ didn’t start well enough for Marie Moreau, who we know is the main character of the storyline. That’s because she discovered how to use her powers in the worst way possible, as she killed her parents when her powers finally surfaced. She struggled to use her powers because she was afraid to use them, especially after what happened to her parents years ago.

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Of course, Marie’s powers are related to blood. It appeared in the first few episodes that she could control blood by manipulating its shape and density. In fact, she was able to turn blood into blades and sharp projectiles. Then, during the events of the first episode, Marie proved that she could also use her powers to heal people in a limited capacity, especially if the character was losing blood in a hurry. We also know that Marie can heal her wounds rather quickly as well.

But the true nature of Marie’s powers was finally revealed in episode 7. This happened in a meeting with Victoria Neuman, who we know has been a very important character in the storyline of ‘The Boys,’ especially due to her stature as a politician who was supposed to be “against” the supes.


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We saw in episode 7 how Neuman was on the campus of Godolkin University so that she could advance her vice-presidential bid. Nevertheless, things turned violent when the supe students of God U started rallying against her. That was when she needed to leave the interview and make her way through a hallway, where she met Marie.

The two started talking to one another as Neuman allowed Marie to use her powers on her but in a safe way. Neuman told Marie to check her blood out, which was what she did. She was able to sense in Neuman’s blood the existence of Compound V, thus proving that Marie has complete control over blood.

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This means that Marie’s powers allow her to have total control over blood in different ways, as she can manipulate a person’s blood in any way she can. She can even sense what is in the blood of a person. This is why Marie has the ability to heal a person in a limited capacity and can even tell what is in the blood of a person. 

As morbid as her powers may be, Marie’s complete control over blood makes her one of the most powerful supes in the storyline right now, even if she can’t match the physical prowess of the likes of Homelander. And this would make sense as we talk more about Marie’s uniqueness (or lack thereof).

The Marie Moreau and Victoria Neuman connection

We did mention that Marie may be the first person with the ability to control blood in the storyline of ‘The Boys.’ But the truth is that she isn’t the first person with this power. And this would make sense if we connect her to Victoria Neuman, whom we met earlier in the story of ‘The Boy.’


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In season 2 of ‘The Boys,’ we found out that Victoria Neuman was a powerful supe who could blow people’s heads off. She had to keep this secret because she needed to conceal from the public that she was also a supe. But at that point, we thought that Neuman’s ability only allowed her to blow people’s heads off, as she was able to kill many people using her powers.

However, during the meeting between Marie and Neuman, it became clear that the politician knew more about Marie’s powers than even Marie herself. She uses a knife to cut her hand, revealing to Marie that she also can manipulate blood. Neuman told Marie that they were exactly the same in terms of their powers.

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This implies that Marie also has the same abilities that Neuman has in the sense that she can blow people’s heads off. It appears that Neuman’s powers are related to her ability to control blood, as she can blow people’s heads off by overloading blood in a person’s head until it explodes. As such, we now know the true nature of Neuman’s powers and what Marie can do if she becomes as violent and cruel as the vice-presidential hopeful.


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But Neuman went on to reveal more about her connection to Marie. She revealed that she was the one who placed Marie in the Red River Institute after the incident with her parents and that she was the one who helped Marie’s admission to God U. And that was because they both had similar upbringings.

Neuman stayed with the Red River Institute until she was 12 years old, and we saw that earlier in season 3 of ‘The Boys.’ She saw herself in Marie Moreau because they both had the same powers and were both women minorities in a world that was never kind to both women and people of color. That is why Marie and Neuman are a lot more similar in different ways other than the fact that they both have the same powers.

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