Marvel Unveils Exciting Trailer for ‘What If…?’ Season 3

What If Season 3

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Marvel fans, get ready! The anticipation for ‘What If…?‘ Season 3 just ramped up with the release of a thrilling new trailer. Even though we’re still waiting for the Season 2 finale, Marvel isn’t slowing down. They’ve given us a glimpse into the future with a sneak peek at Season 3.

The trailer, which spans nearly three minutes, showcases a scene from an upcoming episode. It’s a real treat for fans, featuring characters like Bucky Barnes and Red Guardian. We also get a first look at Ranger Morales and Bill Foster. While Marvel hasn’t officially announced the episode’s title, there are whispers it might be “What If… Red Guardians Stopped the Winter Soldier?” This isn’t confirmed yet, but the trailer sure seems to hint at it.

As we gear up for the Season 2 finale, let’s not forget the excitement it has brought us. This season introduced us to Kahhori, the MCU’s latest superhero who quickly became a fan favorite. We’ve seen unique stories unfold, like Nebula joining the Nova Corps, Happy Hogan saving Christmas, and Hela discovering the Ten Rings. It’s no surprise that ‘What If…?‘ has snagged the highest Rotten Tomatoes score for any MCU release this year. It’s been a hit on both big and small screens.


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Looking ahead, Season 3 promises to keep us on the edge of our seats. Marvel Studios Animation included ‘What If…?’ in their “Marvel Animated Multiverse” panel at the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con. That’s right, there’s a whole multiverse of animated adventures coming our way! Work on Season 3 started as early as July 2022, so expect some exciting developments.

For now, you can catch up with ‘What If…?’ on Disney+. The exact release date for Season 3 isn’t out yet, but with this trailer, the hype is definitely building. Stay tuned, Marvel fans, because it looks like we’re in for a wild ride with ‘What If…?’ Season 3!

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