Marvel’s ‘Blade’ Journey: From Female-Led to Budget Cuts


The road to rebooting Marvel’s iconic “Blade” hasn’t been smooth. What we know now paints a complex picture of a film caught in the whirlwind of changes.

Mahershala Ali, a two-time Oscar winner, was tapped to breathe life into the title character. A lot was riding on him, especially with the success he’s enjoyed. But, according to Variety, the original plan for the movie took a surprising turn. At one stage, instead of Blade leading the story, he was pushed to a secondary role.

Variety’s Tatiana Siegel reported that the story once became women-centric, full of life lessons. It was quite the departure from what fans expected.

Marvel’s new comic series, ‘Bloodline: Daughter of Blade,’ added fuel to the fire. Fans began to speculate that maybe the movie would focus on this new character. But the twists and turns didn’t end there.


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The “Blade” project experienced its share of roadblocks. Think about it: five writers, two directors, and a production halt just six weeks before starting. And with Ali possibly on the verge of leaving over script concerns, things looked dicey.

Enter Michael Green. The brilliant mind behind the Oscar-nominated “Logan” was brought in to reshape the Blade script from scratch. And here’s another interesting tidbit: Industry whispers suggest that Marvel might be looking at a budget under $100 million. That’s quite a pivot from their usual big-budget playbook.

Remember the 1998 “Blade”? It was made with just $45 million and pulled in a cool $131.2 million. It’s a testament to the fact that blockbuster success doesn’t always need a hefty price tag. And considering Blade’s horror angle, a modest budget might be all they need. After all, horror flicks have a knack for big returns on small investments.

With 2025 marked for its release, “Blade” has us intrigued. Despite the challenges, it’s shaping up to be a journey worth watching.

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