Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ Season 2: New Trailer Unveiled

What If... Season 2 Odin

Marvel Studios is back with a thrilling twist in its animated series “What If…?” Season 2, set to premiere on Disney+ on December 22. This series stands out in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) for its imaginative exploration of alternate realities, where anything is possible.

The new season brings an exciting holiday gift for fans: a new episode will be unveiled daily for nine consecutive nights. This unique rollout is a perfect way to keep the festive spirit alive with a dash of Marvel magic. Adding to the anticipation is the recently released trailer and poster, now available for fans to feast their eyes on.

Season two of “What If…?” continues to weave its narrative magic under the guidance of The Watcher. Viewers will be transported through the vast multiverse, encountering both new and familiar faces from the MCU. It’s a journey that questions, revisits, and creatively twists classic Marvel moments. The series boasts an incredible voice cast featuring a host of stars who reprise their iconic roles, bringing authenticity and depth to the beloved characters.

What If... Season 2

Notable characters like Nebula, Hela, and Happy Hogan are among those to be featured, ensuring that the series remains as engaging and star-studded as ever. Bryan Andrews directs the episodes, with AC Bradley as the head writer and executive producer, ensuring a blend of quality and innovation that Marvel Studios is renowned for.


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The first season of “What If…?” premiered in August 2021 and was part of Phase Four of the MCU. Its success has led to this eagerly awaited second season, which is part of Phase Five, and even a third season is currently in development. The series has received generally positive reviews for its animation, voice acting, and creative storylines. However, it has also faced some criticism regarding episode length and writing.

Moreover, the impact of “What If…?” extends beyond its own episodes. A Marvel Zombies series, inspired by one of the “What If…?” episodes, is currently in development, further expanding the Marvel universe.

As December 22 draws near, the excitement among Marvel fans is undeniable. With its unique take on alternate realities, top-notch voice acting, and creative storytelling, “What If…?” Season 2 is set to be a standout addition to this year’s entertainment offerings. So, mark your calendars and get ready for a riveting journey through the Marvel multiverse!

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