The Comics Have Just Given the MCU a Perfect Way to Bring Robert Downey Jr. Back

The Comics Have Just Given the MCU a Perfect Way to Bring Robert Downey Jr. Back

We all know what happened in Endgame. As the Avengers found a way to defeat Thanos and reverse the Snap, Iron Man managed to get hold of the Infinity Gauntlet and used it to destroy Thanos and his army. Thereby, of course, he sacrificed his own life as his body couldn’t handle the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man, who was one of the pillars of the MCU (arguably the most important character in the series), was given a heroic death worthy of his role in the MCU and his influence. And while it was a dignified exit for one of the franchise’s stars, it was also one of the most tragic moments in the whole series.

Now, ever since that moment, MCU fans have been theorizing about RDJ’s possible return to the MCU, and numerous suggestions as to how it could be executed effectively and with dignity have been put forward. Now, though, it seems that the Ultimate Marvel comic series has given the MCU a preferred way to bring Downey back to the MCU in a cameo appearance that would honor the actor’s importance and the legacy of his character in the MCU.

If you’re not following the latest Marvel comic, then we want you to know that what we are going to talk about in this report refers to Ultimate Invasion #4, a recent issue stemming from Marvel’s Ultimate Universe imprint. In case you don’t know, the Ultimate Universe imprint has been published since 2023 and it brings us several classic Marvel characters in a new fictional continuity which is called Earth-6160, a new Earth preceded by alternate history. This means that the stories within this imprint are part of the larger Marvel canon, but not the main one.

In this universe, Iron Man becomes the first MCU hero to be reborn, but there is a twist. Namely, the young Ultimate Tony Stark does not become Iron Man in the series, but rather Iron Lad, which is certainly a different take on the whole story, but that is not the part that interests us the most here. Namely, another major character is also present in this alternative timeline and it is Ultimate Kang, all the evidence we have at this point suggests that Tony Stark is actually Ultimate Kang, i.e., that the famous superhero was reborn as a time conqueror.

This is a great way to honor Iron Man’s comic book legacy, but it also gives the MCU a great opportunity to bring the character back! Namely, as things stand now, Kang the Conqueror is still the next major MCU villain (although it remains to be seen what is going to happen to the character following Jonathan Majors’ firing), which means that the MCU movies will explore this part of the story and, believe it or not, this gives the MCU a perfect way to bring Robert Downey Jr. back for a cameo appearance in the MCU.

Namely, if the MCU does decide to continue in that direction, this means that the doors are open for numerous Kang variants and while Jonathan Majors was initially introduced as… well… all the variants, there is a possibility that one of the numerous variants is actually Rober Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark. Some fans even suggest that this is one of the numerous realities that Doctor Strange saw when he looked into the future.

This wouldn’t be the first time that the MCU is connected to the Ultimate Marvel universe, as the MCU’s Nick Fury is a prime example of how these two universes can be connected directly. Would this be a good way to bring RDJ back? Certainly, as it would allow him to come back to the MCU – which is what everyone wants – and it would also honor his legacy in the best way possible, so we’re rooting for this!

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