Meet B2EMO: Salvage Assistant Droid for the Andor Family


When Andor was announced, it was only a matter of time until we saw a new droid joining the Star Wars universe. After all, Star Wars wouldn’t be what it is without a companion droid for the main characters. So, with that said, that was when we met the droid named B2EMO, who was the most important droid during the first three episodes of Andor. So, who is B2EMO in Andor, and what is his role?

B2EMO, who is often called B2 or simply Bee, is the resident salvage assistant droid that works for the Andor family. At one point, it was fresh off the assembly line and was working at the top of its form. But because of wear and tear, Bee is already an old and weary droid that often runs out of power.

One of the most interesting droids we have seen in Star Wars is B2EMO because of the fact that we don’t often see non-humanoid droids that are capable of speech. That is what makes the droid unique, as we also saw a bit of personality from this groundmech droid that works for the Andor family. Now, with that said, let’s get to know more about B2EMO in Andor.

Who Is B2EMO On Andor? 

One of the things that we have already known about the Star Wars universe is that it is never short on droids. While a lot of the things in Star Wars are operated by droids, the different main characters of the Star Wars franchise all have their own companion droids. And when Andor was announced as the newest Star Wars series on Disney+, it was already clear that we were going to see another droid joining the Star Wars family.

This is where B2EMO comes in as the resident droid of the Andor series. In fact, B2EMO is the most important droid thus far due to the different things that it did for Cassian and his mother, Maarva, during the first three episodes. But who exactly is B2EMO in Andor?


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Like many of the different droids in the Star Wars franchise, B2EMO is owned by the Andor family as it came into the service of Maarva Andor before Cassian even became part of the Andor family. Also called B2 or simply Bee, B2EMO serves as the salvage assist droid for the Andor family as both Maarva and Cassian work as salvagers to make ends meet. In that regard, it is capable of seeking out scrap metals and other similar items that the Andor family could salvage, collect, and sell to earn some money while living on Ferrix.


When it was introduced, Bee was already an older droid, as evidenced by the fact that it was already rusty and always needed to recharge its batteries by going home to the Andor family’s house. Of course, it is also loyal to both members of the Andor family, as it was willing to lie for Cassian’s sake, even though lying was not part of its basic programming, and it took a lot of energy for the droid to lie.

But the most surprising part about Bee is the fact that, as a mech droid that doesn’t have the same humanoid characteristics that some other droids have, it is capable of speech. Dave Chapman voices Bee in Andor, as its ability to talk was what made it quite unique. This allowed Bee and the Andors to communicate easily with one another. And it is due to its ability to speak that it was allowed to have a somewhat witty personality that made it quite popular among different Star Wars fans.

What Is B2EMO’s Role in Andor?

When we first met B2EMO in Andor, it was clear that it was Cassian’s companion droid as it followed him all the way out to a far part of town so that it could check up on him. Of course, it was loyal to Cassian but was also loyal to another member of the Andor household—Maarva. That was why, during the scene when Bee was introduced, Cassian told it to lie, even though the droid was aware that it requires a lot of energy to lie. Nevertheless, it was still willing enough to lie to Maarva about what Cassian had been up to.

cassian and bee

It was also during that instance when we discovered that Bee had power issues because it often needed to recharge. That’s because it is an older droid that is no longer as well-maintained as other droids are due to the possibility that the Andor family lacks the capacity to maintain it regularly or give it new parts. It is also this power issue that allowed it to stutter from time to time. 

In the flashback scenes wherein Cassian (or Kassa) was still a child living on the primitive planet of Kenari, Bee was introduced as Maarva’s companion droid when she was salvaging the mining output on that planet for parts. At that time, Bee was still as sharp as a new droid as it was able to sense that authorities were on their way to Kenari. And it was when Maarva took Cassian in that allowed the boy and Bee to become close to one another.


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Throughout much of the series, Bee served as a companion to both Cassian and Maarva. It was still loyal to its first and original owner when it actually showed the news regarding Cassian and the mess he got himself into with the Pre-Mor guards. But Bee still often found ways to assist Cassian whenever the younger Andor needed him, especially when it came to matters related to communication.

Of course, Cassian left Ferrix with the Rebel-like character Luthen Rael. Meanwhile, Bee was left on Ferrix together with Maarva, who needed the droid more than Cassian did due to her old age. As such, we are unsure whether or not episode 3 was the last time we would see B2EMO, but it is possible that we might still see it sometime in the future this series.

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