Magneto vs. Tetsuo (Marvel vs. Akira): Who Would Win?

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The world of fiction is full of different characters that can telepathically control objects without even touching them. In that regard, Magneto from Marvel’s X-Men and Tetsuo from Akira are two of the most powerful characters to have that ability, albeit their powers are kind of different from one another. While we do know that Magneto and Tetsuo are incredibly powerful, one of them must be stronger. So, who between Magneto and Tetsuo would win in a fight?

Tetsuo is probably going to win a fight against Magneto. While Magneto’s powers are related to magnetism, Tetsuo is capable of controlling anything with his telekinesis. It was also shown that Tetsuo’s powers were so strong that they could create a big bang in an alternate universe.

It might be true that Magneto is one of the strongest mutants in the history of X-Men but let’s not forget about the fact that Tetsuo’s powers are downright insane as well. He is perhaps one of the greatest psychics in fiction history. Yes, we know that there are plenty of Magneto fans out there, but we’ll try to make things easier to understand so that you would know why Tetsuo is stronger.

Physical Capabilities

As a grown man, Magneto has all of the different capabilities of an adult male in the sense that he has well-developed muscles. Nevertheless, as far as his physical capabilities are concerned, Magneto is simply human. Still, he does have the ability to augment his physical capabilities using his powers of magnetokinesis as he can augment his strength using magnetism. He can even reinforce his armor using magnetism by improving the strength of the different metal fibers on it.

Despite being a teenage boy that is yet to develop an adult male’s body, Tetsuo actually has superb physical capabilities, thanks in large part to his psychic abilities and to the experimentation done on him. His psychic abilities allow him to enhance every part of his physical capabilities as his body can withstand extreme temperatures and is quite durable. Tetsuo’s endurance is also superhuman in terms of its level. On top of that, he has the ability to quickly regenerate his body through his superhuman healing abilities.

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Even though Magneto should be stronger because he is older and bigger than Tetsuo, let’s not forget that Tetsuo’s physical abilities were also augmented by his psychic abilities. As such, Magneto is the inferior being when compared to the augmented capabilities of Tetsuo.

Magneto 0, Tetsuo 1

Powers and Abilities

As the name suggests, Magneto’s mutant powers revolve around magnetokinesis, which is the ability to have supreme command over all of the different forms of magnetism. Due to his incredible control over his powers, Magneto is classified as an Omega-Level mutant, and that means that he is one of the strongest mutants in the entire world of Marvel. His powers allow him to control metals and even harness complete control over magnetism to the point that he could control an entire planet’s electromagnetic field. And thanks to his control over magnetism, Magneto can devastate an entire planet by sinking or raising entire islands or causing earthquakes and other calamities.


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Tetsuo’s powers are focused on his ability to use telekinesis on a godlike level, together with the likes of Akira in the Akira manga and anime. He has the ability to use telekinesis on a different level because it is said that his telekinetic powers are strong enough to actually create a big bang in an alternate universe. Tetsuo is also capable of a lot of different psychic abilities, as he was once able to “resurrect” someone from the dead, albeit it was a disastrous attempt. He is also capable of teleporting using his powers, as it is clear that his psychic abilities are quite versatile.

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Even though Magneto is incredibly powerful, the one thing that makes Tetsuo stronger is the fact that his powers are capable of creating a big bang. On top of that, Tetsuo is also more versatile in what he does because his kinesis abilities are more well-rounded compared to Magneto, who could only control magnetism.

Magneto 0, Tetsuo 2


One of the things that Magneto has always been known for is the fact that he is one of the smartest mutants alive, as his intelligence is somewhere on par with Professor X. He is a genius in various scientific fields and is simply a mastermind when it comes to tactics and strategies. Magneto was also able to design a lot of inventions that rival the same inventions that both Tony Stark and Reed Richards were able to design as well. Due to those qualities, he is an extremely dangerous opponent that knows how to use information and tactics to his advantage.

While Tetsuo isn’t the smartest character in Akira, his psychic abilities were able to augment his intellectual abilities as well because he is capable of reading minds. In that regard, any mental and intellectual advantage that his opponent has against him could be nullified because he could simply read his opponent’s mind. Other than that, he isn’t quite as smart as the other characters that have psychic abilities in fiction.


Even though Magneto is lightyears ahead of Tetsuo in terms of his intelligence, let’s not forget that Tetsuo is capable of reading minds. Magneto could use his helmet to try to counter Tetsuo’s mind-reading abilities, but we are not sure if that will work against a psychic of his caliber. Therefore, we believe that Tetsuo could nullify Magneto’s advantage in this round.

Magneto 0, Tetsuo 2


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Combat Skills

Despite the fact that Magneto often allows his henchmen to do the fighting for him and the fact that he often uses his powers whenever he is in a fight, he is actually a skilled fighter that knows how to utilize his powers together with his fighting abilities. Magneto has been able to showcase how good he is in a fight whenever he is using his ability to augment his skills, as he was able to fight Iron Man on par, even though Tony Stark is slightly the better fighter. As such, when forced to fight at close range, Magneto could still find a way to pull off a win over a fighter that excels in close combat.

Iron Man vs. Magneto

As powerful as Tetsuo may be whenever he is utilizing his powers, he was never trained in the art of fighting. Tetsuo’s fighting skills are subpar at best because he rarely had to resort to using his close combat skills (or lack thereof) in a battle. As such, if his powers were to be neutralized, Tetsuo won’t be able to do a thing against someone who is far superior in terms of fighting skills, as this is probably one of the biggest weaknesses the character has.


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If Magneto were to somehow force Tetsuo to fight him in close combat, he should be able to make use of his superior fighting skills to make things tough for the teenage esper. As such, Magneto easily takes this round against Tetsuo.

Magneto 1, Tetsuo 3

Magneto vs. Tetsuo: Who Would Win?

Believe it or not, we are not discrediting Magneto here because we all know how powerful of a mutant he is, especially because his abilities are potentially capable of devastating an entire planet. But what separates Tetsuo from Magneto is that, in the manga, his powers were shown to be so overwhelming that they could potentially cause a big bang in an alternate universe. A big ban is something that affects an entire universe and not just a single planet. As such, it is this fact that makes Tetsuo the stronger of the two, even though Magneto might still be able to find a way to defeat this teenager.