Merry and Pippin together again in a new adventure!

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Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd return once again to their popular roles from “The Lord of the Rings”

Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd will once again jump into hairy Hobbit bare feet and reprise their roles as Merry and Pippin in a new podcast about The Lord of the Rings. The podcast will be titled The Friendship Onion and will be produced by Kast Media. The entertaining duo with listeners will share hitherto unknown information about the production, test the listeners with questions related to the films, and we assume that the famous guests will not be missing.

In an official statement to the media, the actors once again proved that they do not lack humor.

Monaghan said, “I’m contractually bound to enthusiastically comment on the podcast that Billy and I are working on together. It’s hard for me now because Billy has kidnapped me and is holding me hostage with a ransom demand for 44 bananas. Please send bananas.”

To which Boyd responded in the same style, “It took a bit of persuasion at home, that’s true, but this podcast is going to be the law. He’s just a joker, you have to love him. Ha … but you also have to love bananas so … yes , send bananas.”

Merry and Pippin will be together again from May 18 when they will have the podcast premiere on Spotify and other podcast platforms, and a video episode is also expected to be released on YouTube.

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