‘Merry Little Batman’ Trailer Promises a Holiday Adventure

'Merry Little Batman' Trailer Promises a Holiday Adventure

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Get ready for a fresh twist on the Batman universe this holiday season with “Merry Little Batman.” This new animated special, set to stream on Prime Video starting December 8, promises a unique blend of superhero action and Christmas cheer.

The story revolves around young Damian Wayne, voiced by Yonas Kibreab. Unlike his typical portrayal as Robin, Damian steps into the shoes of “Little Batman” to protect Gotham City on Christmas Eve. With his father, Bruce Wayne (Luke Wilson), and Alfred Pennyworth (James Cromwell) by his side, this isn’t your ordinary holiday tale.

Director and producer Mike Roth brings a new perspective to the Batman narrative. He explains that focusing on a younger Damian offers a fresh and heartwarming take on the well-known characters. This version of Damian is more innocent and wide-eyed, perfectly capturing the magic of Christmas through a child’s eyes.

The villains are just as integral to the story. The Joker, portrayed by David Hornsby, is reimagined with inspiration from Bob Fosse’s character in “The Little Prince.” This Joker is a whimsical yet unpredictable adversary, matching Damian’s youthful spirit.

“Merry Little Batman” also challenges Damian with more than just the Joker. He faces a gamut of iconic villains, ensuring that his holiday adventure is anything but calm. This aligns with the Batman tradition of a rich gallery of adversaries.


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The special is not just about action and villains; it’s also filled with humor and heart. It takes a well-known universe and reinterprets it through the eyes of a child. This approach promises a unique experience for both new and longtime Batman fans.

“Merry Little Batman” is more than a superhero story; it’s a holiday tale about family, courage, and the joy of Christmas. So, mark your calendars for December 8 and get ready to join Little Batman in his festive adventure. This animated special is shaping up to be a delightful addition to your holiday movie collection.

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