Metallic Rouge: Who Is Huey? Meet the Friendly Nean With an Interesting Past!

Metallic Rouge: Who Is Huey? Meet the Friendly Nean with an Interesting Past!

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Directed by Motonobu Hori from scripts written by Yutaka Izubuchi and Toshizo Nemoto, Metallic Rouge is an original anime series that premiered on January 11, 2024, and is currently ongoing. Metallic Rouge is set in a future in which people have colonized Mars and have established a civilization there. Focusing on Rouge and Naomi, the series has also introduced us to a series of other interesting characters, and this article will be dedicated to one of them. The character we are going to talk about is Huey, a very friendly Nean who was the bodyguard of an elderly couple and who, as it seems, has a very interesting story.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Huey is a secondary character who debuted in Episode 2 of Metallic Rouge. He is a Nean who worked as the bodyguard and caretaker of a rich elderly couple heading toward Wellestown.
  • Huey was a brave soldier during the Great War, but due to the Asimov Code, he is now harmless, as he is unable to harm humans due to that code. This is why he works as a bodyguard.
  • When the Suns of Ares attacked the ride, he took a bullet to the chest to save his employers and was later healed and saved by the physician. It turns out that he is a mebmber of the CFN.

Huey’s past is intriguing in more ways than one

The first episode of Metallic Rouge was truly a handful. While it did introduce us to the lore of the series, it also provided us with a lot of concepts, as well as characters; we have to be honest, at times, it was quite difficult to follow all the new information that the series presented. And while the story calmed itself down a bit in the subsequent episodes, new characters kept popping up from everywhere and Huey is one such character, so we have decided to tell you more about him in this article.

As Rouge and Naomi were headed toward Wellstown, the passengers on the ride were quite interesting. There was a journalist, a physician, a feisty old lady with her grandchildren, a salesman, a mysterious long-haired man, an elderly couple, and… Huey. Huey was first approached by the little girl who asked him whether he was a Nean and whether he had killed anyone in the past.

Huey is, really, a Nean with white hair and visible signs that he is a Nean; unlike some Neans, which are indistinguishable from humans, Huey is clearly a Nean. Before he managed to answer, the elderly couple he was protecting told the little girl that Huey never killed anyone, and her brother then explained that all Neans have to follow the Asimov Code, which prevents them from harming humans under any circumstances. It’s a little Blade Runner vibe, but quite effective, really.


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Huey then explained to the girl that it was correct and that he was only there to protect the elderly couple, effectively serving as their bodyguard. The old man then said that Huey was harmless in that aspect, but that he did serve as a soldier during the Great War and that he was a major player there; his wife then warned him to stop talking about such dangerous things, so we never found out any details, but we can deduce that he was a brave and skilled soldier in the past, which probably explains why he is working as a bodyguard at this moment. He then offered the woman a blanket, showing that he also takes care of them.

When the Suns of Ares attacked their ride, he jumped in front of one of the mercenaries and took a bullet that would have killed his employers; still, a bullet did graze the old man’s knee, and while it did not cause any harm – as the physician said – the old man was furious with Huey and called him useless for not protecting him, completely disregarding the fact that Huey had taken a bullet to the chest for the two of them. He was later healed by the physician, who told him that the bullet did hurt him but that his intake unit was undamaged.

Huey was then left to heal, and when he was low on Nectar, the physician provided him with a dose, which saved his life at that moment, as he would have died without the Nectar. In the third episode, it was revealed that Huey is an important member of the Wellstown Nean community and that he is actually a member of the Council of Free Neans, led by Juval.

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