Metallic Rouge: Who Was Dr. Roy Junghardt & Why Was He Killed? Was He a Villain?

Metallic Rouge: Who Was Dr. Roy Junghard & Why Was He Killed? Was He a Villain?

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Metallic Rouge is set in a future in which people have colonized Mars and have established a civilization there. Focusing on Rouge and Naomi, the series has nevertheless introduced us to a series of other intriguing characters. The name of Dr. Roy Junghardt has been mentioned more than once in the series and despite the fact that the good doctor is dead, he is one of the most important characters in the series. In this article, we are going to answer several questions about Roy Junghardt and reveal everything you need to know about him.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Dr. Roy Junghardt is a secondary, but extremely important character from the Metallic Rouge anime series. He is a scientist who has made a significant contribution to the creation of the Neans.
  • Although he is important, it was revealed that Roy Junghardt was murdered shortly before the start of the series. Giallon confessed to killing while impersonating Rouge.
  • It is currently unknown whether Junghardt is a villain in the series or not, as there is a lot more to his story that needs to be revealed.

Dr. Roy Junghardt is a scientist closely related to the Neans

There aren’t many characters in Metallic Rouge that are as important as Dr. Roy Junghardt, which is especially ironic because the character in question is dead. It was revealed in Episode 1 of the anime, when his importance had not yet been emphasized, that Dr. Roy Junghardt was killed shortly before the events that kickstarted the anime series in a traffic accident in space – as it turned out, the ship he was traveling in was attacked and he was killed. The “Red Gladiator” was initially blamed, but more on that later. So, who is this Dr. Roy Junghardt?

Well, we have to state here that there are many details that need to be uncovered here, but we are going to tell you what we know so far. It is undeniable that Dr. Roy Junghardt was an important figure and the series later revealed that he was one of the main contributors to the creation of the Neans. His exact role has yet to be specified, but he was an authority in the field without a doubt.

He is the father of Gene Junghardt, the current leader of Aletheia, but also the father of Rouge, the heroine of the series, as it was revealed that she and Gene are brother and sister. He was, through Rouge’s memories, depicted as a very calm person, but he also seemed to care for Rouge and his son. It is quite possible that, in a way, he considered the Neans his children, which is why he was so attentive to them, but we’ll have to wait to clarify this.


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Who killed Dr. Roy Junghardt and why?

Despite the fact that Dr. Roy Junghardt is important, we don’t know much about him, and that included the identity of his murder initially. As we have said, he was killed when his vessel was attacked and Investigator Ash, as well as Aletheia, are currently working on the case. Footage from the scene showed the “Red Gladiator”, i.e., someone sporting Rouge’s Gladiator armor, there, but it is unlikely that she is the actual perpetrator. Why? Well, the series revealed that she liked Dr. Roy Junghardt very much (he was a father figure to her) and that she was hired by Gene to eliminate the probable suspects – the Immortal Nine.

The Immortal Nine were Dr. Roy Junghardt’s creations as well, but they rebelled and from what we could understand, they were the ones responsible for his death. There is a possibility that Giallon killed Dr. Roy Junghardt, since he can copy the appearance of others, but with the revelation of a “second Rouge” (probably Rouge’s twin sister), it is possible that she killed her father and that the “Red Gladiator” was seen there because the sisters have identical armor. In Episode 6, it was finally confirmed that Hell Giallon was the murderer, as we suspected, and that he impersonated Rouge while doing it.

It is unknown whether he was a villain or not

As for Dr. Roy Junghardt’s role in the series, we don’t know whether he was a villain or not. He is certainly a mysterious and important figure, and his role in the development of Neans hasn’t been clarified, so it is possible that there were some wrongdoings that forced the Immortal Nine to rebel. Rouge doesn’t consider him a villain, but we’ll have to wait for more details in the future to actually give a proper evaluation of his role in the story, as he is – at this moment – a big enigma.

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