Metamorphosis Anime Adaptation: Release Date & News

Metamorphosis Anime Adaptation: Release Date & News

Metamorphosis is a hentai manga written by the Japanese-American mangaka ShindoL. Published between July 2013 and March 2016 under the name of Emergence by the Japanese publishing house Wanimagazine, the manga gained notoriety for its dark and depressing plot. Henshin was reissued under the new name of Metamorphosis by the US publishing house FAKKU books digitally on November 10, 2016, and physically on March 1, 2017. Ever since the manga’s debut, there have been rumors about an anime adaptation of Metamorphosis and in this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know.

Metamorphosis has not been confirmed yet. There have been rumors circulating for years but nothing has been confirmed by either the author or any production studio. Due to its highly depressing plot and dark themes, Metamorphosis is difficult to adapt and while there are new rumors suggesting an April 2023 release, nothing has been officially confirmed.

The rest of this article will bring you all the known and unknown information related to a potential release of the Metamorphosis anime. You’re going to find out about its potential release date and the story, which has gained notoriety in the world for being one of the darkest manga stories written. We are going to summarize everything for you.

Metamorphosis anime release date

As of July 2022, there has been no official news regarding an anime adaptation of Metamorphosis. There are rumors, of course, but the interesting thing is that rumors have been appearing since 2017, when the manga became popular around the world. Namely, thanks to YouTube and some bloggers, Metamorphosis became a global phenomenon back in 2017 and soon gained a cult following because of its dark storyline. Some have praised, while some have found it repulsing and unnecessarily violent.

Be that as it may, the manga is still a topic of debate in the otaku community, as a lot of fans demand an anime adaptation. Metamorphosis would end up being something similar to the controversial Redo of Healer manga, which has also gotten an anime adaptation recently.

Back in 2021, the above image surfaced online, with some fans interpreting it as a clear sign that Metamorphosis was getting an anime adaptation, but that turned out to be a rumor. Namely, since then, no news has appeared online about an anime adaptation of Metamorphosis. We do have some recent, unofficial rumors that an anime adaptation could see the light of day in April 2023, but those are unofficial rumors and knowing how many of those we’ve had over the years, we wouldn’t really build our hope on them. This all we know at this moment.

Metamorphosis anime plot

Saki Yoshida, an asocial middle school student, decides to make a big change in her life early in high school by starting to put on makeup and socialize with her classmates. Saki’s charm affects everyone from boys her age to men, and she begins to befriend many of her classmates with whom she often dates.

During one of their usual walks she Saki is left alone, as she had to go to buy a magazine; it is in her shop that she meets a boy who is a little older than her, Hayato. The latter begins to flirt with Saki, insisting on buying her the magazine and reiterating several times how beautiful she is, even more than the models on the cover of her.

The two go to a nearby karaoke, but in the end, the situation worsens: Hayato takes advantage of Saki’s naivety to kiss her, and after making her swallow some of his pills, he consumes a sexual relationship with her. Saki is not consenting, and being under the influence of drugs she gets a completely wrong idea of ​​the situation, and she thinks that what she is feeling is not the effect of the pill, but the love she feels for Hayato.

After that appointment, the two decide to meet again more often in a Love Hotel, secretly from everyone; and this is what will mark the beginning of the girl’s end. Saki uses drugs more and more, but only when she is in Hayato’s presence as he is her one-time supplier.

Little by little she finds herself without money, and here her companions advise her to rely on an application of dating with very rich elderly and middle-aged men, with whom there is no need to have sex, but only to plan a candlelight dinner. She accepts and finds herself having dinner with a man much older than her, who with the excuse of giving her much more money than her due takes her to a Love Hotel and consumes a sexual relationship with her.

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Saki’s life undergoes an exponential collapse when her father, amazed by her daughter’s resemblance to his wife, rapes the girl. After a couple of days, her mother learns about it, but as soon as Saki gets home early because she ran away from school because of many bullies who have sexually blackmailed her, she is thrown out of the house by her mother, who was deliberately misled by her father.

He made her believe that he has been seduced by his daughter. Saki is now alone and the only person she can rely on is Hayato, who agrees to host her at his house as long as she helps him with his debts by prostituting herself. The girl no longer goes to school, she uses hard drugs on a daily basis and favors the wishes of Hayato, the only person to whom she feels truly connected.

After discovering that the girl was robbed of all her money soon after using drugs again, Hayato loses his temper and leaves Saki on the street. On this occasion, Saki discovers she is pregnant for the second time. She decides to keep the baby, but she needs money to do so, so she starts begging every person who passes through the city districts, continuing her life as a prostitute.

After collecting a nice sum of money, Saki decides to spend the money to live her life better, but she is immediately caught by a group of bullies who think she stole the money believing her to be a tramp, so they beat her by kicking her in the belly, causing her to have an abortion.

Now the girl has nothing to aspire to, nothing to cling to and no future to draw on; she spends her last moments of her in a public bathroom, where she decides to use all the substances she has left, imagining a normal and happy life, but now impossible, with her daughter, causing a seemingly fatal overdose.

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