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“Metamorphosis” Anime: Release Date, Story, Trailer, and Connection to Manga

“Metamorphosis” Anime: Release Date, Story, Trailer, and Connection to Manga

Metamorphosis (Henshin – the Japanese word for “transformation,” literally meaning, “to change or transform the body.”), also known as Emergence, is a 2013 hentai manga. The manga was serialized in Japan by Wanimagazine by its Japanese title Henshin and subtitled Emergence. It was published in English by Fakku under the title Metamorphosis, digitally on 10 November 2016 and physically on 1 March 2017. Some people believe that the story’s title was influenced by Franz Kafka’s short story titled “The Metamorphosis,” which shares similar themes and plots involving the transformation.

Unfortunately, for the fans of the Metamorphosis manga, we don’t have good news (yet) about its transformation in the anime series. 

In today’s article, we are going to inform you about the eventual Metamorphosis anime release date, and the Metamorphosis manga on which the whole story is based.

Metamorphosis anime – release date

“Metamorphosis” Anime: Release Date, Story, Trailer, and Connection to Manga

At this time, there is no information on when the Metamorphosis hentai manga will be released. The success of another similar manga, which got an anime adaptation, is proof that Metamorphosis should be made into an anime as soon as possible. 

In the manga’s afterword, Shindo L. describes how he wanted Metamorphosis to capture the “girlish charm” of a character that is constantly miserable. The same interview included, “In the world of the arts, projection is a fallacy, and people can have an individual view based on their own experiences and values rather than just their interpretation of a work’s themes and perspective.”

At the beginning of 2016 and 2017, “Metamorphosis” (a manga series about transformation) received attention in the western blogosphere. Several reviews and discussions appeared on imageboards and YouTube, with all of them unanimously agreeing that the story was incredibly sad and traumatic, with some jokingly labeling the work as “cursed”. Stories and editorial quality were also noted as positive aspects of the work. The image was popularized as a meme through several online communities.

Metamorphosis anime – story 

We can not speak about the Metamorphosis anime story because there is not any story yet. But of course, we can introduce you to this dark story of Metamorphosis manga.

16-year-old high school student Saki Yoshida has no friends and decides to start making new ones. The teenager headed to a convenience store after school on her first day of high school and bumped into a man named Hayato, who suggested she go to a karaoke box with him. Saki is drugged and raped in the karaoke box by Hayato, who tells her that he’s doing this because he loves her. Saki becomes convinced by Hayato’s lies and falls in love with him. Hayato always gives Saki MDMA pills before they have sex, and these dates end with it.

In Saki’s case, people assume she is wealthy and initiate conversations. She needs money, so she turns to prostitution to continue her appearance. To get his family off the breadline, Saki’s father loses his job and forces his daughter to have sex with him. In addition, her mother blames Saki after hearing about the event. Saki leaves his home, whereupon he seeks out Hayato. However, he is immersed in debt because of his heroin habit.

Saki makes a promise to repay his debt but goes back to work with clients who are not too honest. Hayato convinced her to have an abortion while she was pregnant with his child. When time goes on, she grows to like the sensation of being drugged, so instead of paying back Hayato’s debt, she succumbs to the consequences of her own debt. Saki gets pregnant a second time, but this time she drowns in debt, and Hayato leaves her. Despite telling herself several times, she loses to the creditors each time. She loses the baby in the end but does her best to push herself to death.

In this story, young people will learn more about the harmfulness of MDMA pills (also known as ecstasy) – sometimes it is more interesting to get this information through books, comics, or movies than from some other available sources.

After taking a single dose, a person can experience the intoxicating effects of MDMA in 45 minutes or so. Some of those effects include an enhanced sense of well-being, an increased willingness to speak up, emotional warmth, and the ability to connect with others. It is reported that people also experience a heightened level of sensory perception as a common characteristic of the MDMA experience.

Metamorphosis anime vs manga 

“Metamorphosis” Anime: Release Date, Story, Trailer, and Connection to Manga

The Metamorphosis is a memed and well-known hentai manga which is quite disturbing and dark, featuring drug abuse, rape scenes (at least one of incest), some violence, emotional problems, and prostitution.

The real meaning of Metamorphosis is the transformation of an immature being to an adult form. As you read through the manga, you will notice the change in the life of Saki from a high school student to prostitution and suicide.

Metamorphosis has a very honest and depressing storyline. It deals with the many dark aspects which have affected a lot of teenagers. However, the manga has a lot of sexual scenes. But awareness plays a big part if it gets a future anime adaptation.

We mentioned before that Metamorphosis is a “hentai” manga. The Oxford Dictionary defines “hentai” as “A subgenre of the Japanese genres of manga and anime, characterized by overtly sexualized characters and sexually explicit images and plots.”

Additionally, hentai anime was never an attempt to produce pornographic animation in the first place. It’s something that has a considerable amount of history, as well as having quite a lot of cultural background. Many people look up hentai anime and just see badly animated clips of what appear to be average porn, but they are just not aware of the bigger picture. Hentai just has no limits whatsoever and can be as degrading, immoral, or just plain volatile as it wants to be.

Also “unlike generic reality-based pornography”, hentai can in some areas be incredibly artistic. Notably, also, many hentai anime can actually supply considerably “again in comparison to generic porn” dramatic/tragic series that are not meant to just merely satisfy its viewers but provoke their very emotions.

Considering all of this, the Metamorphosis anime adaptation is in demand. The anime touches all the sensitive topics which immature often ignore. Therefore it would not be out of place with manga, to address these topics throughout the anime series as well.

Metamorphosis – main characters

The Metamorphosis story revolves around two main characters – Saki Yoshida and Hayato.

“I’m Saki Yoshida. It’s been 7 years since I graduated from high school. Still no friends or boyfriend.  Should I change?”

Saki Yoshida is a lonely and friendless girl who, on top of that, holds low expectations for other popular girls, saying that she will never be like them. She withdrew from her classmates because she was fearful of being socially ostracized due to her introverted personality. When she got to high school, Saki resolved to change her lifestyle.

Now wearing cute clothes and makeup, Saki launches an initiative, and it pays off; by the end of the first day of class, she gains several new friends. But not only does her classmates appreciate Saki’s new appearance, but another young man approaches and persuades her to go karaoke with him. Saki’s obliviousness is exploited by Hayato, who first drugs and sexually assaults her, before promising to return and “play” with her again. Saki is both amazed and bewildered by the experience, and as a result, decides to take part in more “social interactions.” She is unaware of what this new state of existence will entail.

Hayato is a young man no young girl in the world should ever meet.

“Metamorphosis” Anime: Release Date, Story, Trailer, and Connection to Manga

When he meets Saki, he begins conversation complimenting her left and right, lowering her guard and appealing to her low self-esteem with words colored in kindness, before inviting her on a date. Saki is thrilled that she managed to draw the eye of a man for the first time. 

But Saki was not prepared for what followed – Hayato got her drunk and drugged, after which he raped her. In the end, he calls Saki a slut, publicly shames her for being a “loose woman”.

Metamorphosis anime – trailer

We have already mentioned that it is an unknown fact about the possible shooting of the Metamorphosis anime series, so unfortunately there is no trailer that would intrigue you.

Despite the fact, Metamorphosis manga is an extremely disturbing and dark story, including drug abuse, rape scenes, violence, and prostitution of the main character still being in middle school, it is definitely quite the read.

Some people might see Saki as a stupid girl, asking themselves how narrow and limited is her understanding of sex and drugs, as well as how sexual relationships should work. So, the question remains: should young people learn about these sensitive topics in school? We think they should.

Finally, whether or not the anime series will be released, we would not be surprised if this dark and disturbing subject is brought to an end.

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