Mia Goth Reassures ‘Blade’ Fans: “They Want To Make a Great Movie”

Mia Goth Reassures 'Blade' Fans: "They Want To Make A Great Movie"

Blade is, as we know, an eagerly anticipated Marvel Studios project that is set to integrate the famous antihero in the MCU. The project is going to be a treat for all fans of the famous vampire hunter, as Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali is going to play the titular character, joined by Mia Goth as Lilith. But, while the film is highly anticipated and has a tentative 2025 release date, we have been reporting on numerous issues and delays with the production, with no one really knowing what is going on and where the problem is. But, actress Mia Goth recently spoke about the project while promoting her new horror film, MaXXXine, and it seems that the fans can rest more easily.

In case you don’t remember, Mahershala Ali, who pitched the idea to the studio and was announced as Blade back in 2018, has seen the project endure ongoing script issues and multiple changes in writers and directors during its development. This created many delays, and although everyone is still adamant that the movie is coming out, the future still seems quite uncertain.

While promoting her new film, actress Mia Goth, as we have said, was asked about the state of the Blade project, in which she is set to make her MCU debut. Here is what the actress revealed:

“They really care, they do. They want to make a great movie. That’s the sense that I get from them and that feels good.”

Source: Deadline

As you can see, this sounds pretty reassuring and we’re really hoping that Mia Goth wasn’t just saying this to make everyone feel better. The current state of the project, as we have said, is a big enigma, so we hope that Goth’s words were sincere and that they actually are insider info from the production side of things.

Mahershala Ali’s influence on the Blade project began after his post-Oscar win, with the actor seeing Blade as his own Black Panther. Despite plans to start filming in May 2023 and hiring writer Nic Pizzolatto, the SAG-AFTRA strike led to significant delays affecting everyone’s schedules. Since then, the project has undergone multiple changes, including writer shifts to Michael Green.

Originally planned as a period piece focusing on Blade’s daughter and Lilith, the movie is currently going to focus on Blade in a present-day setting, with the titular character hunting vampires. Mia Goth remains attached to her role, as you can see.

Recently, though, Ali’s attorney, Shelby Weiser, voiced frustration over the prolonged delays in the Blade project, highlighting that despite the 2019 agreement, filming has yet to commence. The project encountered setbacks due to the pandemic, Disney’s shift towards streaming, and Marvel’s excessive production commitments. Sources suggest Blade suffered from neglect amid Marvel’s extensive development pipeline.

There are rumors circulating that Ali may step away from Blade, possibly due to his speculated involvement in the upcoming Jurassic World film. But that is mere gossip now. Anyhow, be sure to keep following us for all the updates, as it promises to be interesting.

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