Minecraft: Here’s Why Tunnel Vision Keeps Happening (& How To Fix It)

Minecraft Heres Why Tunnel Vision Keeps Happening How to Fix It

Minecraft has a way of making it seem like the game is either laggy and has numerous bugs that need immediate attention or that that same bug is just part of the game and a feature. Multiple Minecraft mobs and mechanics that we are familiar with today started out as bugs, but is that the case with tunnel vision? Why does it happen, and how do you fix it?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • There are several reasons why tunnel vision might happen, but the one that’s most likely, since it is April at the time of writing this article, is that it was part of an April Fool’s joke.
  • Many games, including Minecraft, give out small and simple updates during this time to mess with their player base and to have some fun. Minecraft is no exception.

Explaining tunnel vision

If you’ve never encountered tunnel vision, you might be wondering what it is, but the name speaks for itself, so the explanation is rather intuitive. Tunnel vision can happen to people in real life as well, and experiencing it in-game is just a simulation of the real deal.

In real life, tunnel vision is defined as the loss of peripheral vision with retention of central vision, which makes it seem like you’re in a tunnel, only able to see the end that’s centralized. On-screen and in-game, the edges of your screen get completely dark, and as you go into the center, it starts clearing out. Depending on the severity of tunnel vision, it can completely ruin your game, but even if it isn’t severe, it’s still annoying if it’s not an intended game feature.

Why tunnel vision might happen

There are multiple ways in which tunnel vision can present itself in Minecraft, and there are also multiple reasons why it might happen. I’ll cover the most basic ones and present how tunnel vision might look in these cases.


Shaders have been around almost as long as Minecraft, and as with any modification to the game, they aren’t perfect, and they keep developing. Sometimes, bugs can occur, and sometimes in the form of a weird tunnel vision bug. The bug might look something like this.

The thing to do if you’re experiencing this bug is to reload resource packs. In Java Edition, you can do that by simply pressing F3 + T. This also helps if you recently made changes to your resource packs, so the changes will then take effect. Another option is to simply redownload and add the shader into your .minecraft folder under shader packs.

Tunnel Vision article


Sometimes, the simplest answer to why you’re experiencing tunnel vision is because you’re using a mod that makes it appear at certain times. On my zombie server, tunnel vision occurs whenever a player takes critical damage. The tunnel vision was accompanied by blurred vision as well. It’s hardly likely that the mod as a file is giving you a tunnel vision bug, though. What’s more likely is that it is an intended feature.

Graphics card drivers

Newer technology makes our lives a bit easier and our gameplay experience better, but sometimes, it can cause problems and glitches. In the case of tunnel vision, it’s likely a graphic bug caused by your GPU. You might have recently updated your drivers or not done it in a while. Reinstalling the drivers or updating them if you haven’t might help.

Just to make sure, you should also reinstall Minecraft. You’ll probably want to keep all your worlds safe, so let’s check how you can do that next.

Backing up your world files

In case you’ve decided to reinstall Minecraft, you’ll want to back up the worlds you worked so hard on first, so follow these steps to do exactly that:

  1. On Windows computers: Go to %appdata% > .minecraft
  2. On Macs’: Go to Finder and type in /Library/Application Support/minecraft
  3. On Android phones: Go to sdcard/games/com.mojang
  4. The next step is to find the Minecraft Worlds folder, o.
  5. Each folder in the World file represents one of your World saves. These folders contain everything you need to save your worlds from corruption once you reinstall and start up the game again.
  6. Copy them all and paste them into a separate file on your computer or phone
  7. Then, reinstall the game and copy-paste the world files back into the same file you removed in the first place.

Reinstalling the game

Once you’ve backed up your world files, you can go ahead and delete the .minecraft folder completely. Then, it’s just a matter of opening the minecraft.exe file to reinstall the game with all of its files. Deleting the .minecraft folder might take a while, so don’t think you’ve done something wrong if it does.

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