Mirage Queen Aime Cirque Theatrical OVA Release Date and Cast Announced

Back in July, it was announced that the first volume of the popular novel series “Kaitou Queen” will be getting a theatrical OVA adaptation in Summer 2022. Recently, on the Mirage Queen official site, the main cast has also been revealed. The Queen will be played by Yuga Yamato (past works unknown), Kato Kazuki (Kento from B-Project) will be playing the part of Joker, and Yuma Uchida (Megumi from Jujutsu Kaisen) will voice RD.

Since the novel wasn’t as popular overseas as it was in Japan, most anime fans won’t be familiar with this series when it does air next year. So, why should you be excited about it? First, let’s see what this series is about.

A phantom thief queen—whose age and gender are unknown—flies around the world on an airship in search of treasure. A gemstone the queen had their sights on is stolen from them by a mysterious circus troupe, and a game soon unfolds between the queen and the troupe’s magicians, hypnotists, and other members wielding special abilities. (Source: MAL)

You might remember back in 2020 a little show by the name of “Great Pretender”. This show gained massive popularity with its cast of loveable characters and intricate and mind-blowing scams. Having the protagonist stand in a sort of moral gray area, as opposed to being strictly good or evil, is a trope a lot of anime fans find exciting (myself included). And this is exactly how our Mirage Queen is portrayed.

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With Joker as his/her business partner and RD being the artificial intelligence that supports them in their heists, Queen travels around the world in search of treasures worth risking their lives over. If you are still not convinced, they have prepared a teaser trailer to give you an insight at what you can expect, and it does not disappoint.

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