‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained


The storyline of ‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ keeps on getting more interesting as we are now looking at a narrative that is more focused on the characters finding the truth about their father while encountering a few monsters on the way. Episode 3 left us with a lasting impression when Frost Vark killed Du-Ho and was seemingly out to get the main characters, who were now stuck in Alaska.

With that said, episode 4 was naturally going to continue the events of episode 3, as the Frost Vark was still very much a threat to the lives of Cate, Kentaro, May, and Lee. But episode 4 also has a neat side story involving the main characters and even Monarch itself. So, with that said, let’s look at what happened in episode 4 of ‘Monarch’ and how it ended.

The past haunts Kentaro and May

As mentioned, episode 3 ended with the Frost Vark attacking Du-Ho’s plane and killing him in the process. Of course, that means that the monster was still very much a threat to Cate, Kentaro, May, and Lee, who were now stuck in the middle of the frozen lands of Alaska. Episode 4 allowed us to see the foursome fleeing from the vicious Titan as they had to hide in an underground cavern after Kentaro tried to use a flare gun to distract the monster.


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However, while hiding in the cavern, May’s leg went through thin ice as it was submerged in water. She was now at risk of suffering from hypothermia while the characters tried to make their way out of the bad situation. But as that was happening, the past between Kentaro and May started to reveal itself.

Kentaro tried to become an artist a while back as he struggled with his big break in the art world, where he was told that people were looking to buy the artist instead of the art. As such, he needed to find his own identity as an artist, which eventually led him to encounter May, who was also searching for her identity while working as a freelancer in Japan.

may and kentaro

There was a connection between Kentaro and May as they ended up starting a relationship, which led Kentaro to ditch his first gallery show as he was still wondering whether or not the life of an artist was truly for him. Of course, the series has yet to reveal what happened between them and how their relationship turned sour. But at least we know that the past is a huge part of their character arcs.

Meanwhile, as the characters make their way through Alaska’s frozen lands, Kentaro decides to follow his own path because he thought that he saw a structure while they were still up in the plane. The others were unwilling to follow him, believing he was only seeing things. But Cate, May, and Lee went in circles after realizing that the Titan could have affected the terrain to make them believe that they were going somewhere when they were following a big light source that they believed could be a town or a settlement.

Meanwhile, Kentaro made his way to the structure he saw but started hallucinating about the past. He saw his father in his visions, reliving the moment that happened when Hiroshi told his son that he was proud of him for trying to follow his dream of becoming an artist even though Kentaro himself still believed that he was not ready. As Kentaro snapped out of his visions, he ended up in a shack that had a radio.

More details on the Titans

Meanwhile, Cate and the others were back in Hiroshi’s tent near where the Frost Vark first appeared as they started a fire that was meant to warm May, who was at risk of suffering from hypothermia. However, the Frost Vark returned and threatened them, only for the monster to go after the fire to absorb it. This allowed Lee to understand that the monster was after the biggest heat source it could find so that it could feed off it.


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In Utah, a certain Dr. Barnes in one of the Monarch outposts was able to get a strong reading from one of her tools. She reported it to Monarch and mentioned that this was an extremely strong reading that was similar to a black hole. The last time that something like this was recorded was just before Godzilla appeared in 2014.

The gamma-ray flare that Barnes and Monarch sensed was coming from Alaska, which was where Cate and the others were. However, it is unlikely that the Frost Vark was the one responsible for setting off the readings, considering that this creature is actually too small and too weak in comparison to something like Godzilla.

tim monarch

Tim, who was in a meeting with the rest of the big shots of Monarch, was able to convince that Hiroshi Randa’s investigations and research could be interesting enough for Monarch to try to look at in relation to the gamma-ray flare readings in Alaska. 

Shaw reunites with Monarch

Back in Alaska, Lee decided to put up a funeral pyre for Du-Ho using the aviation jet fuel from his plane. In a way, this was also meant to distract the Frost Vark long enough for him and the others to run far from the monster.


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The Frost Vark was able to sense the flames and started absorbing them while Cate, May, and Lee made their way toward a chopper flying above them. As they were heading to the chopper, the monster had just finished eating the flames and made its way to the chopper. Luckily, the heroes were able to escape before the Frost Vark was able to reach them.

Kentaro, of course, was the one responsible for sending the chopper to his friends, as he was able to radio a nearby outpost using the tools that he found in the shack. As they were remaking their escape, a shot of the light source that Cate and the other saw earlier could be seen. It was clearly a large hole that emitted its own light. Kentaro and the others made their way to a military outpost, where they were greeted by none other than Tim of Monarch.

alaska hole

Tim greeted Lee with respect, as he was seemingly a big fan of his work. The episode ends with the main characters finding themselves back in Monarch’s arms, as it is likely that they are now going to have to work with one another. Of course, the mystery behind the gamma ray readings and the big hole in Alaska is still up in the air as it is likely that the next episode will provide answers for this.

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