‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ Episode 5 Summary and Ending Explained: The Truth Is Revealing Itself


Back in episode 4 of ‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters,’ we saw the foursome of Cate, Kentaro, May, and Lee almost getting killed by the Frost Vark, only for them to be rescued by Monarch and taken to their base. The episode ended with a cliffhanger when Tim of Monarch greeted Colonel Shaw and welcomed him to the outpost.

Episode 5 of ‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ seeks to follow the events that happened in that episode, especially when it comes to the mystery behind Hiroshi Randa’s disappearance and the things that Monarch was doing in relation to the monsters. So, with that said, let’s look at what happened in ‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ episode 5 and how it ended.

Monarch’s goals

The episode opened up with the different characters finding themselves in their own isolation facilities inside the Monarch base in Alaska as the people of Monarch were observing them. While that was happening, Duvall went to May to try to broker an agreement with her as she was trying to get back the files that they uncovered from Hiroshi Randa.

duvall may

On the other hand, Tim tells Deputy Director Verdugo that he wants the trio to join Monarch because they are already in too deep. Duvall and Verdugo, however, agree to let the trio go while keeping them on a long leash because they thought they could lead Monarch to Hiroshi’s location and learn more about what Randa knew that Monarch didn’t know.

Meanwhile, Lee Shaw was left in Alaska because he was still an important concern of Monarch. Verdugo interrogated him, only for the old man to stay quiet about the things that he knew and that he thought would happen. But one thing that he was sure of was that Monarch wasn’t doing anything about the monster situation and that Monarch had been wrong the entire time.

Revisiting the past

Meanwhile, the trio of Cate, Kentaro, and May decide to go to San Francisco to get to the bottom of everything because they thought that there could be something in Hiroshi’s office in San Francisco that wasn’t in his office in Japan. They were greeted by James, Cate’s mother’s work friend, at the airport and were taken back to a refugee camp that had been home to Cate and a lot of different people displaced by the G-Day attack.


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Cate’s mother broke down upon learning that her husband had a different family, but she wasn’t entirely surprised. Cate tells her that they want to go to her dad’s office in San Francisco, and the only way for them to do so is through her mother’s help because she works for a company that salvages the important belongings of the displaced people in the city.

With the help of her mother, Cate and her allies could get to the red zone, which was a strictly militarized part of the destroyed portion of San Francisco. The problem was that while they were there, Cate’s past started to haunt her.

Cate remembers her time as a school teacher just two days before G-Day as she and her partner start discussing their plans for the future without knowing what will come. She also starts to remember how Godzilla’s arrival changed everything for her and the kids and teachers of the school she was working in.

cate girlfriend

The military, however, saw the trio and started chasing them around the city’s ruined portion. They were able to escape into the subway. However, Cate was still bothered by the fact that her past was haunting her as she cheated with her partner with another woman just a day before Godzilla attacked, and that was one of the deciding factors that made her go on the school bus that fell from the Golden Gate Bridge on G-Day.

Cate starts to believe that she deserves everything bad happening to her because she wasn’t exactly someone who did good things back in her day. However, May was there to comfort Cate by telling her that the only way for them to move past that was to go through it. And Cate managed to pick herself up in time for her and her allies to get out of the tunnels.

Scratching the surface of the truth

Upon exiting the subway, the trio were closer to the building where Cate’s father used to work. They went up to the top floor, where they entered Hiroshi’s office and started looking for clues before their time in the red zone was up. They only had until 8 am because Cate’s mother needed to leave.

It was seemingly a dead end for them because they couldn’t find any clues about Monarch. However, the satellite map on the wall gave Cate a good idea because she thought this could relate to the different constellations and points they saw in a similar map in Hiroshi’s files. 


Kentaro used the sunlight to project a different image on the map using the points he saw in the Randa files. This allowed them to see points on the map that could have something to do with the monsters and how different locations in the world have something to do with them. Such points included San Francisco, Alaska, and even Africa. As such, the trio realized that Hiroshi might have used these points as his guide for his path when he disappeared, suggesting that he went to Africa after his plane crashed in Alaska.


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The trio returned to the relocation site safe and sound. Cate had a moment with her mother before telling her they knew that Hiroshi was still alive and that she and her allies would find him. 

However, while that was happening, May contacted Duvall to tell her that she wanted to go home, suggesting that she was trying to broker a deal that would allow Monarch to learn what Cate and her allies had found in exchange for something personal to her. This adds another wrinkle to the unlikely partnership with the trio, as May’s past may soon become the subject of the storyline.

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