‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ Episode 6 Summary and Ending Explained: Shaw’s Past


Episode 5 of ‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ focused more on Cate Randa’s past and the things she went through in San Francisco in the past. Of course, he and his brother, Kentaro, were finally able to find a way to track down their father, and this leads to the events of episode 6, where the events become saucier while the scenes shift between the past and the present.

In episode 6, Leland Shaw’s history is at the center of it all because his past has something to do with the events that lead to the present day of the ‘Monarch’ storyline. More about his past was revealed, and the things that he did and the events that transpired during the 1950s seem to be connected to what’s going on with Monarch and the Titans during the present day. So, with that said, let’s look at what happened in ‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ episode 6 and how it ended.

Lee and Keiko had something going

The episode starts off with another flashback to the past after two straight episodes of not seeing anything that happened during the 50s. In 1955, the duo of Leland Shaw and Dr. Keiko Miura attended a party hosted by the military so that they could rub shoulders with the big guns and hopefully get more funding for Monarch. But while their task was to get closer to the military, they ended up becoming close to one another, especially after sharing a dance during the party.

keiko shaw

This relationship should have gone to the next level but Shaw receives an urgent message from William Randa, who was back in the Monarch headquarters working instead of attending the party. The urgency of the message derailed Shaw’s chances with Keiko that evening as they had to go to work.

The problem was that, according to Randa, they had to go to Japan because they were able to receive readings that were similar to the ones that Keiko got a few years ago when they were investigating the radiation spikes in the Philippines. However, Shaw needed to stay because he had to present data to General Puckett so that they could get more funding for Monarch. As such, the group had to split up, with Miura and Randa heading to Japan while Shaw stayed behind to try to present the data to the military by himself.


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Shaw was also in a dilemma because Puckett was seemingly trusting him to be the next leader of Monarch. Puckett saw great things in Shaw and was looking to allow him to run things from the top as the one calling the shots for Monarch instead of being the one on the field. But Shaw wanted to be where Keiko was instead of calling the shots from a position where he couldn’t help her and Randa on the field.

So, while Keiko and Randa were in Japan to try to make sense of the readings that their colleague, Dr. Suzuki, was getting in Monster Island, Shaw had a tough choice to make. He wanted to be with Keiko and Randa so that he could be there for Keiko whenever she needed him. But Puckett wanted him to choose a career at the top of the food chain of the military instead of playing the role of a soldier.

Shaw and the Randa kids work together

In the present day, the Randa kids and May were trying to plan their next move but were shocked to see that Shaw and Duvall were in Cate’s home in San Francisco. It turned out that Duvall had broken Shaw out of Monarch custody so that they could work together outside of Monarch’s usual chain of command. Shaw tried to convince Cate and Kentaro that they could help one another because he believed that something a lot bigger than G-Day was coming and that he could stop it from happening.

shaw randa kids

While that was happening, Tim and Deputy Director Verdugo went to Hiro Randa’s office in San Francisco to try to make sense of where the Randa kids were heading off to. Tim was able to piece together information regarding Godzilla’s movements and the satellite readings that Randa was using. This allowed him to decipher that Randa was seemingly following Godzilla’s movements based on gamma radiation spikes. As such, they were able to predict that the Randa kids were looking for their father and were on their way to Africa.


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Shaw and the Randa kids head to the Algerian desert to try to follow Randa’s trail. However, Cate still can’t trust both Shaw and the ex-Monarch people that Duvall was able to gather to help them on their mission. Shaw and Duvall tried to convince her that they were only doing what they believed was best for them instead of Monarch, but Cate was still finding it hard to trust anyone associated with Monarch. May, however, told Cate that she should push through, just like how Cate convinced her in Alaska to push through as well.

Godzilla lives

Meanwhile, in 1955 Japan, Keiko and Bill were looking to “fish” a Titan out using the gamma radiation simulator that Suzuki invented. They were shocked to see that Shaw came there himself as he wanted to see Keiko.

Keiko realized that Lee went there for her as he chose to do what his heart was telling him instead of choosing to do what was best for Monarch. The two shared a passionate kiss before they sensed that the gamma radiation simulator had stopped working. This could only mean that they got a bite from whatever Titan Suzuki found in the waters of Monster Island.

Something big threw the device toward the shore as dorsal fins appeared out of the water. Godzilla reveals to Keiko and Lee that he had survived the nuke attack in Bikini Atoll, as Keiko couldn’t contain her happiness when he saw that the Titan was still alive and well even after taking the full blast of a nuclear bomb right in front of his face a year ago.

keiko and shaw

Then, in the present day, Shaw and the Randa kids followed a trail that led them to Randa’s location. They were excited to see Hiro’s truck from afar as they tried to call his attention. Cate and Kentaro were both happy to see that their father was alive. However, Hiro didn’t share the same excitement because he waved Shaw and his kids away and drove his truck away from them as it was clear that there was something wrong.


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Tim and a few guys in a Monarch chopper arrived but were just as shocked to see that the ground started to move. A Titan was seemingly emerging from the ground, forcing Shaw, the Randa kids, May, and Duvall to try to find their footing while they lost some of their allies to the emergence of the Titan.

It turned out that the Titan that had been sleeping under the Algerian desert was none other than Godzilla himself, who was last seen in San Francisco about a year ago. The big guy had been resting since then. His emergence from the ground destroyed the Monarch chopper, causing Tim and the other Monarch people inside to crash.

Godzilla took a good look at Shaw and the others before walking away. Cate was especially affected by what she saw because the last time she saw Godzilla was in San Francisco, where she lost a lot of kids to the destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge.

godzilla 2

Back in 1955, Shaw, Miura, and Randa headed back to the Monarch base as Shaw was trying to convince his allies that they needed to tell Puckett that Godzilla was still alive. Kei didn’t want to tell the military about Godzilla’s survival because she knew that they would just try to nuke him again. However, they had no choice because they would risk losing funding if they kept this a secret.

They were shocked to see that the Navy was already in their base and that Puckett had given command over to them after Shaw left for Japan instead of staying there. It became clear that Puckett had lost faith in Shaw and the rest of Monarch, opting to allow the Navy to spearhead Monarch’s operations from now on. Keiko was visibly upset at Shaw because she knew that if he had chosen to stay instead of going after her in Japan, this would not have happened. 

In the present day, Shaw tells the Randa kids that he wants to go after Godzilla, revealing that he wants to help the big guy resolve whatever problem the Titan is trying to solve. This was probably what Shaw had been saying all along about how Monarch was wrong for trying to stop Godzilla and the Titans instead of helping them out. However, the Randa kids couldn’t agree with Shaw’s plans, thinking that he was crazy for wanting to help out a Titan. They went their separate ways, with Shaw and Duvall going after Godzilla.


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Cate, Kentaro, and May tried to make their way to the nearest town, wondering what they needed to do next and how they were going to find Hiro. May, however, confessed to them that she believed that the only reason why Monarch knew where they were going was because she sold them out so that she could clear her name and finally go back to America years after living in exile in Japan. Cate and Kentaro, however, couldn’t believe that May would do such a thing as the episode ends with them walking away from her in disgust.

At this point, it is becoming clear that Godzilla is involved in whatever big disaster or event is coming in ‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.’ Of course, because Hiro Randa has been chasing the giant lizard in the hopes that he may be able to find a way to either help him or stop him, it is clear that the Randa kids are going to get involved in the grander scheme of things as well, especially because they are still looking to bring their father back.

As for Leland Shaw, more of his past has come to light, and the only thing we are wondering now is how his decisions in the past were able to affect the current events happening in Monarch and the rest of the world.

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