‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ Season 2 Will See the Return of King Kong, Production Beginning Later This Year

'Monarch: Legacy of Monsters' Season 2 Will See the Return of King Kong, Production Beginning Later This Year

We know that the MonsterVerse franchise is extremely popular. What started off as a Godzilla and King Kong reboot became a major cinematic franchise that brought the studio a lot of money. In the meantime, a television series – Monarch: Legacy of Monsters – was also launched and became a global hit, with fans eagerly awaiting a new season. The series was co-created by Matt Fraction and Chris Black, and the latter is going to be at the center of this report.

The topic we wanted to share with you is related to an interview between Christopher Rosen and Chris Black, one of the co-creators of the series. The two of them had a talk as part of the GoldDerby podcast and it was so interesting that we absolutely had to report on it.

As you can assume, Rosen and Black talked about a lot of things, but there is a very interesting one that was discussed, related to the plans for Season 2, which are focused on King Kong, one of the franchise’s most popular characters:

Rosen: I… I guess like… one of… what, so… obviously, like season two is in development now, right… imagine, like… I know and, like… so, I guess, first… like, what did you, working on season one, like… what did you learn, like… what… what did you learn, like… you’re like… ‘Oh, we could tweak or do differently in season two,’ or, like… where there, like… evolutions of stuff that maybe were… like… you know, like ‘Oh, this is something that will, like, really lock in… in season two’?

Black: I don’t know, it’s funny… you’re… when in a lot of the times… when you’re working on a show it… it is so… you get so focused on the job. It… it is… it is such a demanding and complex job to actually produce a season of television and and you become so… sort of hyper focused on what’s in front of you. You hope the show will be successful and you hope that you will have a chance to continue telling that story and do more of them, but I… I can only speak for myself. I wasn’t thinking ahead to season two. I was like… we just got to get season one done and it’s like… how do we get these scripts written, you know… how do we get them produced, how do we… how do we tell the story to the best of our ability and we’ll figure out season two when we get to it, um… and then, of course, then you get to it and it’s like… ‘Oh, crap! What are we gonna do now?’ Um… but I think… you know, where we left the season, uh… gave us so much, you know… fertile territory for storytelling, you know… that Keiko comes back, you know… we… we appear to have lost Lee Shaw, we have this reunion with the family, you know… there’s… there’s… It feels like that feels like a great launchpad for season two, and… and I think going back to our, um… our previous conversation is… or… or just what we said a minute ago was… we… we want to continue to tell this human story. We want to continue to tell the story of the Randa family and Cate and Kentaro and their father, Hiroshi, and now their grandmother Keiko, um… But there also is a hunger for more spectacle, for more monsters, what… you know… how do we make it bigger and better, um… you know, uh… you… we reveal Kong at the end of the first season, so there’s going to be an expectation… you’re going to see more of Kong… that we want to deliver on, so… it’s like… it… it becomes the challenge of, um… it’s… it’s the… the blessing and the curse of… of… um… making a hit show. It is, on the one hand, you’re like ‘Woohoo, we
made hit show’ and then you’re also ‘Oh, crap, we made a hit show.’

Source: YouTube

And this is the gist of it, which reveals the most important information about the upcoming season, as well as confirms Kong’s return to the series, which is definitely great. We also found out that production is beginning later this year, which is also great, and… well, that’s about it. If you want to watch the whole interview, you can do so on YouTube.

This concludes this report, but we will definitely keep you updated on the series, so be sure to keep following us for more updates.

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