‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’: What Is a Frost Vark, and How Strong Is It Compared To Other Monsters?

frost vark

We all know that the events of ‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ were going to introduce new monsters to the storyline of the MonsterVerse, and episode 3 delivered another monster that is new to this larger fictional universe full of massive creatures. This monster appeared during the latter portion of episode 3 when it attacked Leland Shaw’s team in Alaska. The monster is called Frost Vark, and we are here to look at exactly what it is and how strong it is.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Frost Vark is a MUTO that lives in the subterranean areas of Alaska and favors extremely cold temperatures.
  • Though smaller than most MUTOs, Frost Vark can release an ice breath that allows it to rapidly decrease the temperatures in the surrounding area, leaving everything around it frozen, including even metal.

Frost Vark is smaller than most monsters but equally dangerous

Episode 3 of ‘Monarch’ allowed us to see the trio of Cate, Kentaro, and May escape a Monarch retirement facility together with Leland Shaw to investigate the things that happened to Hiro Randa and his involvement with Monarch. As such, the group needed to go to Alaska via South Korea with the help of Lee’s Korean friend Du-Ho, who flew them to Alaska so that they could find out more about what happened to Hiroshi.


They found clues about the possibility that Hiro could still be alive and that he may have survived his plane crash. However, Du-Ho noticed that Hiro’s plane did not crash but was destroyed, as there were clear signs that it could land safely. What made things worse was that the plane had claw marks, indicating that it was destroyed by something huge.

Eventually, a subterranean MUTO appeared and destroyed Du-Ho’s plane, killing him in the process. While the episode didn’t mention the monster’s name, it was eventually revealed that this beast is called Frost Vark.

As seen in the episode, Frost Vark is a quadrupedal creature that has a body surrounded by dermal armor plates protruding outward to serve as a way to protect it from any external dangers. These plates cover the body from its head to its long tail. Of course, the feet have mole-like claws that allow the creature to burrow and emerge from the snow at will.


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Frost Vark is a subterranean creature living in the Alaskan snow’s depths. As such, it has a behavior that’s similar to a mole. Its entire physiology was also built to allow it to survive harsh conditions.

This monster’s most notable features are its sensory tendrils, which can be found near its snout. These tendrils are capped with bioluminescent globules that probably help it navigate under the snow, especially because its eyes are concealed beneath its armor. The creature also comes with jaws that are equipped with a lot of jagged fangs.

Because it was supposed to be a mole-like creature, Frost Vark comes with powerful claws on each of its feet, enabling it to tunnel through underground terrain. The claws are so strong that they can demolish an entire airplane easily, as seen in the episode. Of course, the claws allow Frost Vark to tunnel through the Alaskan permafrost.

The most dangerous weapon that this creature has is its ice breath. Frost Vark can draw in large volumes of air, allowing it to rapidly decrease the temperature in its surrounding area to drop the temperatures to below freezing quickly. This rapid temperature change is more than enough to freeze an entire aircraft, including the people inside it. 


There’s a good chance that Frost Vark uses this ability to keep its body warm, as it can draw in warm air while decreasing the temperatures of the surrounding area. The most likely reason it attacked the Hiro and Du-Ho aircraft was that they emitted heat and that Frost Vark needed to absorb heat from heat sources to survive. This means that this creature can also sense heat from nearby objects.

How Frost Vark compares to other monsters


godzilla 2014

As the uncontested king of monsters, Godzilla is far bigger and stronger than Frost Vark, and that means that Big G can crush this creature under its feet with no problem whatsoever. Of course, we aren’t sure whether Frost Vark’s ice breath can affect Godzilla or if Frost Vark still has room to grow. Whatever the case may be, the fact is that Godzilla is still a lot bigger and stronger than this subterranean monster.


Kong may not be as big and strong as Godzilla, but he is faster and more mobile. Of course, while Kong is bigger and stronger than Frost Vark, we know that an ape-like monster such as Kong emits body heat and would be a prime target for Frost Vark. While Frost Vark is smaller than Kong, its ice breath may threaten the big ape because Kong seemingly doesn’t have the same kind of defense as Godzilla. But it’s clear that Kong, being smarter, faster, and stronger than many different monsters, should still win against Frost Vark.


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Ion Dragon

Introduced in episode 3, the Ion Dragon is a powerful winged dragon-like creature that was shown to be strong enough to tear its way through an entire ship to kill and consume the crew in it. It was also shown to be strong enough to push a battleship to its side. The fact that this creature can fly would make it a troublesome foe for Frost Vark. Of course, they are both just as big as one another, with Frost Vark being bigger, but Ion Dragon’s ability to fly should make things difficult for Frost Vark.

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