Moon Knight Episode 4 Ending Explained (& Egyptian Hippo Goddess)

moon knight episode 4 ending

The most surprising twist of the entire Moon Knight series came near the ending of episode 4, when the story took a different turn compared to the theme that was prevalent during the better part of the first four episodes. And many people were wondering what happened at the end of episode 4 and how the story got to that point. In that regard, we are here to try to make sense of what happened at the end of the episode and to explain that mysterious creature that they saw at the end.

What Happened In The Ending Of Episode 4?

Moon Knight introduced itself as some sort of an adventure and exploration kind of series that isn’t too far from Indiana Jones and Uncharted in terms of its treasure hunting theme. That’s because we saw how Steven/Marc, and Layla were focused on searching for the tomb where Ammit was sealed so that they could prevent Arthur Harrow from unleashing her. In a sense, it also isn’t too far from the Mummy movies that were quite popular during the early 2000s.

That said, episode 4 of Moon Knight allowed us to see Steven and Layla reaching the tomb where Ammit was supposed to be kept. Like all movies and shows that have Egyptian tombs as a recurring theme, they did stumble upon roadblocks, such as a mysterious masked undead creature that was seemingly serving as a guard in the tomb. Then there’s also the fact that Harrow’s men had beaten them into the tomb.

Nevertheless, using his knowledge of Egyptian mythology, Steven was able to beat everyone else to the sarcophagus that supposedly housed Ammit’s last avatar and where her sealed form (a small figurine) was being kept. Steven was surprised to see that the inscription on the sarcophagus was Macedonian, which suggested that it belonged to Alexander the Great, who he said loved calling himself an Egyptian.

Steven was able to open the sarcophagus and retrieve Ammit’s figurine before Layla arrived to confront him about what he knew about her father’s death, which was revealed to her by Harrow just moments before that scene.

Marc took over the body to tell Layla what happened to her father, who was killed when Marc and his group of mercenaries were hired for a job that involved Layla’s father. Marc told Layla that his partner got greedy and executed Layla’s father’s expedition group before he himself got shot. And this was what led to Marc becoming Khonshu’s avatar as he was saved and chosen by the Egyptian god while he was dying.

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Just before the duo could escape after Marc explained what he knew about Layla’s father’s death, Harrow’s group arrived armed and ready to do whatever it would take to get Ammit back from the mercenary. Harrow explained to Marc that he had already seen the chaos within him, considering that he was constantly battling with his multiple identities. And while Marc was able to fight off a few of Harrow’s men, he ultimately got shot twice before falling.

As Marc was falling, the scene transitioned into an old exploration and adventure movie that seemed like a low-budget version of Indiana Jones. The star of the movie was named Steven Grant. From there, there was another transition that showed patients in a mental institution watching that movie until the scene showed a seemingly sedated Marc looking at his reflection.

This was when things got weird and confusing because the very same scene also allowed us to see Layla as a patient of the same mental institution. Later, Marc was taken into an office with a person resembling Harrow acting as some sort of a benevolent psychiatric doctor. Different Egyptian effigies and relics could be seen in the doctor’s office, as the doctor returns a copy of the very same adventure movie we saw minutes ago.

Things only got weirder and weirder when Marc’s consciousness was returning and when he was starting to regain control over his body. Nevertheless, the Harrow in that office didn’t act like the same Harrow that we saw in the first three episodes as Marc escaped the office and found himself hiding in a room with a sarcophagus. Inside the sarcophagus was Steven, who was equally bewildered about what was happening.

As Marc and Steven were escaping, a door opened up to reveal a large creature adorned in Ancient Egyptian clothing, greeting them casually. The episode ended with Marc and Steven screaming at what they just saw.

Who Is The Mysterious Creature That Marc And Steven Saw At The End?

Now, as mentioned, there was a mysterious creature that greeted Marc and Steven at the very end of Moon Knight’s fourth episode. And this creature was wearing Ancient Egyptian clothing that resembled the very same type of clothes that Egyptian gods have always been shown to be wearing in their many different portrayals. So, who was that creature at the end of episode 4?

The creature could perhaps be Taweret. This creature at the end of episode 4 wore Ancient Egyptian clothing and had the head of a hippopotamus. The description fits the bill of Taweret, the Ancient Egyptian hippo goddess, who is often described as the goddess of childbirth and fertility.

We all know that Antonia Salib had already been cast as Taweret but was yet to be seen in the series before that scene in episode 4. That scene could very well be the debut of Taweret’s character in the Moon Knight series, as she could play a major role in helping the duo of Marc and Steven get through whatever they were going through at that moment.

Nevertheless, we don’t exactly know what happened back there and how everything got to a point where the entire theme of the series changed. Then again, it is quite possible that Taweret and her restorative powers will have an effect on the overall flow of the series, given the fact that she was introduced at a moment when the plot was beginning to thicken.

Was Everything That Happened Just Marc’s Imagination?

This is probably the biggest question that everyone has in their heads after the final scenes of episode 4. After all, it is easy to think that everything that had just happened prior to the ending of episode 4 was all just Marc’s imagination. And there are plenty of different indications that everything was just imagined.

First off, after Marc got shot, we transitioned to a scene where Marc and Layla were revealed to be patients of a mental institution. There were also a lot of references to the different things that we saw in the first three episodes in that room, as we saw an effigy that resembled Khonshu. It could be possible that Khonshu was just imagined by Marc based on that very same figure that he saw.

Then there’s the fact that he and Layla have a talking relationship in the mental institution. But Layla seemed to be taking advantage of Marc’s sedated state. It could be possible that he imagined himself as Layla’s husband because she was the only woman he was close to in the mental institution.

Of course, there’s also the scene where he was taken to the doctor’s office, and the doctor was revealed to be a much nicer version of Arthur Harrow. The doctor explained that the adventure movie involving the explorer named Steven Grant had a huge impact on Marc’s life, and this could mean that the entire Steven persona was just imagined by Marc because he craved a similar kind of life. And the entire adventure that he and Layla went through during the better part of the first four episodes could have just been imagined based on the events that happened in the movie.

At that point, it was easy to believe that everything that had happened in Moon Knight was just imagined by a patient of a mental institution based on what he was observing in his daily life. But things got weird when he saw another version of himself kept in a sarcophagus and when they encountered a creature that resembled Taweret at the very end of the episode.

In that regard, it’s pretty difficult to reconcile everything that had happened throughout the entire series, as all that could have just been playing out in the mind of a person suffering from a mental disorder. The lines between imagination and real life were getting blurry in the final scene of episode 4 of Moon Knight, especially with the appearance of Taweret.

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We cannot say for sure which events were real and which ones were simply imagined. There were indications that everything could have just been imagined, especially considering that the existence of actual supernatural gods has never been explored in the MCU, where the concept of gods is at a cosmic level. Of course, there’s also the fact that there were no other references made regarding all of the different events that had transpired in the previous MCU films and series, and it’s difficult for an MCU series to not make any reference to other MCU events because all of the other events that happened in the previous movies and shows affected the entire universe.

Then again, we really cannot say for sure that everything was just imagined because of the fact that the series talks about the power of Egyptian gods, whose exact limits have not been explored in the series. While it might be possible that there were things that were just happening in Marc Spector’s head, there is also a possibility that the gods have a hand in what was happening to him. All that will be revealed in the next episode 5, which should be the turning point of the series.

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