Moon Knight Final Post-Credit Scene Explained

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The season finale of Moon Knight had just arrived, and this led to one of the most action-packed scenes in the entire series. Of course, considering that this is a Marvel Studios production, it follows that Moon Knight has a post-credit scene that teased audience members to what can possibly happen in the future. With that said, we are here to explain what happened in the Moon Knight post-credit scene and what it means for the future of the character and the series.

Does Moon Knight Final Episode Have A Post-Credit Scene?

At this point, it is safe to say that everyone knows that Marvel Studios always makes it a point to include a post-credit scene in its movies, and the same has held true when it comes to its shows as well. The post-credit scenes in the Marvel movies and series are there to explain the future of the character and the franchise and how the events of the movies may affect the direction of the MCU as a whole.

With that said, the MCU continues its story in the different shows that you can watch on Disney+. One such series is Moon Knight, which had just concluded its six-episode series after introducing Marc Spector and Moon Knight into the MCU. But does Moon Knight also have a post-credit scene, just like any other Marvel Studios production?

Yes, Moon Knight does indeed have a post-credit scene. Unlike most Marvel movies and shows that have two post-credit scenes, Moon Knight only has one, which comes right after the mid-credits. It doesn’t have an end-credit scene, unlike some of the other Marvel movies and shows. As such, you don’t have to wait until the end credits stop rolling because there’s no end-credit scene in Moon Knight.

Moon Knight Post-Credit Scene Explained

As said, Moon Knight only has a mid-credit scene, and this scene more than makes up for the lack of an end-credit scene because it has arguably the biggest revelation in the entire Moon Knight series.

When Marc/Steven was resurrected, they made a pact with Khonshu that they would get released from their role as the god’s avatar after dealing with Harrow. This was a pact that Khonshu agreed to, albeit reluctantly. And the pact implies that Marc/Steven will no longer be the Moon Knight after defeating Harrow.

After Marc/Steven and Layla defeated Harrow in the battle in Cairo, they sealed Ammit within his mortal body so that she could become more vulnerable. Khonshu ordered Marc/Steven to kill Harrow while Ammit is sealed within him so that they could never become threats to the world ever again.


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However, Marc and Steven decided to spare Harrow instead of giving in to the will of Khonshu because, as Layla said, they are free. They then told Khonshu to release them from their role as his avatar, thereby effectively ending their run as the Moon Knight. Then we are taken to the afterlife version of the psychiatric hospital, where Marc and Steven are conversing with the afterlife version of Harrow, who was seen bleeding, which proves that Harrow shared the same afterlife.

The scene then takes us all the way back to the real world in Steven’s flat in London, where the character wakes up as Marc and stumbles upon getting out of bed because his ankle was tied to the bedpost. After that, the mid-credits begin rolling as Moon Knight seemingly ends on a good note, with Marc and Steven being able to live their lives free again.

But in the mid-credit scene, Harrow is seen in a real-world psychiatric hospital where an unseen figure wheels him out of the hospital. He is then pushed inside the backseat of a limousine as the seemingly disturbed Harrow comes to his senses upon seeing a familiar face.

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The familiar face is Khonshu, who the viewers thought had already left after seemingly releasing Marc/Steven from their role as his avatar. Harrow laughed at the sharp-suited bird-faced god and told him that he couldn’t hurt him, considering that he had already released his avatar. But that was when Khonshu made a big revelation.

In the earlier episodes, the reason why Marc didn’t want Layla to get involved with his quest regarding Harrow was the fact that he wanted her far away from Khonshu because he believed that the god wanted her as his next avatar.

Meanwhile, in the limo scene with Khonshu and Harrow, the god told his former avatar that he didn’t want Layla to be his next avatar because he always had someone better. That was when he introduced Harrow to his friend, Jake Lockley, a Spanish-speaking Marc Spector personality that neither Marc nor Steven knew anything about.

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Khonshu said that Marc Spector never realized how broken he really was because of the fact that he didn’t even know that this personality existed. From there, Jake proceeded to execute Harrow on the spot.

Those who were attentive enough to the events of the series would know that show had been hinting at the existence of a third personality the entire time, and this was clear when there was a second sarcophagus in the scene where Marc released Steven from his sarcophagus in the afterlife. Even the writers and directors of the series admitted that they included subtle hints regarding Jake’s existence.

What this scene means is that, yes, Marc is more broken than he ever knew and that there are still more things in store for him, Steven, and the entire Moon Knight series heading into the future.

What Does The Moon Knight Post-Credit Scene Mean For The Future?

One of the more confusing things about Moon Knight is the status of the series. It was originally a limited series that would only have one single season, but there are hints that episode 6 was not a series finale but was simply a season finale. Marvel was hinting at the possibility of a second season for the series, especially with how the post-credit scene reveals a third personality.

It is still possible that Moon Knight is indeed a limited series and that the next stage of the character will be a movie or a different series. But the post-credit scene more than likely suggests that Moon Knight’s story is far from over, especially because Marc still has to come to terms with his third personality and the traumatic events that led to Jake’s rise.


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After all, in the afterlife, there were certain memories that Marc and Steven didn’t visit because they might be too traumatic to look at. And Steven even hinted at the possibility that he might be aware of Jake’s existence when he told Marc not to open the second sarcophagus.

Of course, the fact that only Marc and Steven were released from their role as Khonshu’s avatar suggests that Khonshu never released them at all because Jake wasn’t part of the pact. That means that the future of the character might explore Jake’s role as the Moon Knight while Marc and Steven are left wondering about what has been happening to them. And we might even see Marc coming into terms with Jake’s existence, just like how he accepted Steven for who he is.

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