Moon Knight’s Scarab: Why Is It So Important To Arthur Harrow?

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Moon Knight has just been released, and there were already a lot of questions regarding the different events that happened. While Steven Grant’s/Marc Spector’s dissociative identity disorder will probably be a longstanding question as the series progresses the golden scarab that was in Steven’s possession in the Hungary scene was one of the biggest questions in the pilot episode. So, what is the scarab in Moon Knight, and why is it so important to Arthur Harrow?

The golden scarab in Moon Knight is an Egyptian artifact that might be connected in some way to the Egyptian gods. Considering that Arthur Harrow is most likely the avatar of Ammit, he probably covets the artifact because it has something to do with his cult and its overall mission.

It is most likely the case that the golden scarab in Moon Knight is but a starting point for the events that will soon unfold in the series. That’s why it could be possible that it isn’t the most important artifact but is nevertheless something that’s going to lead to the overall conflict in the series. As such, let’s talk about what we know about the golden scarab in Moon Knight.

What Is The Scarab In Moon Knight?

The pilot episode of Disney+’s new Marvel series, Moon Knight, allowed us to meet Steven Grant, who was shown to be a person suffering from some sort of a condition early on because he believed he had a sleeping disorder that forced him to strap himself on his bed every night. However, after falling asleep, he woke up finding himself in a Hungarian town as the plot of the series intensified.


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Narrowly escaping his life after running away from armed gunmen, Steven found himself in the company of a cult headed by Arthur Harrow, who showcased firsthand the power that he possessed through the Egyptian goddess, Ammit. And all this happened while a voice in his head was telling Steven what to do.

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Harrow recognized Steven from the crowd and told him that he was in possession of something important to him, and that was the reason why the gunmen were chasing him upon waking up in Hungary. This turned out to be the golden scarab that Steven had in his pocket. 

As meek and as confused as he was, Steven tried to give it back to Harrow but couldn’t do so because he didn’t have complete control over his body. This opened up the conflict between Steven and Harrow, as the villain’s men chased him up to the point where he ended up blacking out and waking up in his flat in London. But what is this golden scrab in episode 1 of Moon Knight?

At the moment, whatever this golden scrab is and whatever it could do is up in the air. But what we do know is that this is most likely an ancient Egyptian artifact that holds a lot of value to not only Harrow but also Steven’s Egyptian god, Khonshu.

We already know that Steven is one of the identities of the avatar of Khonshu. However, the identity that knew about being the avatar of Khonshu was Marc Spector, who is the reason why Steven doesn’t remember certain events that are happening. Of course, Khonshu, through Marc, probably told his avatar to steal the golden scarab because of how important it is to Harrow.


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Why Is The Scarab So Important To Arthur Harrow?

Going back, we saw how important the scarab is to Harrow because he was willing to go to any lengths to get it back from Steven, who didn’t even know why he had it on him and how he got it. But why is the golden scarab important to Harrow?

We’ve seen this plot so many times in different movies and shows that follow characters who are looking for lost artifacts or treasures. In most cases, the plot starts out with the protagonist or antagonist fighting for an artifact that actually serves as some sort of a map that leads to what’s really valuable.

In this case, there is a chance that Harrow doesn’t necessarily want the scarab itself but wants what the scarab could lead him to. That’s why we believe that this golden scarab could be some sort of a map or a way for him to get to a place that has something that’s more important or valuable to him.

Given the fact that Harrow was described to be a cult leader throughout the entire pilot episode, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this scarab leads him to something that’s important to him and to Ammit, the Egyptian goddess that he serves.

Of course, we also know for a fact that, even though we did have hints of Steven seeing visions of Khonshu throughout the entire episode, the same was not true for Harrow, who probably isn’t seeing visions of Ammit. This could be due to the fact that Ammit isn’t around at all or is probably sealed somewhere.

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It was also hinted in the episode that Harrow was dispensing his own brand of justice by judging people through Ammit’s powers. This happened when he judged a woman that Ammit deemed was unworthy, and that led to the woman’s death. It is interesting to note that Ammit is the Egyptian goddess of judgment.

That said, it could be possible that, through the Scarab, Harrow was looking to unleash Ammit so that he could dispense her brand of justice and judgment at a much grander scale. And this scarab might be something that could lead him to Ammit’s whereabouts.

This theory also explains why Khonshu, through Steven/Marc, stole the scarab as he didn’t want it to fall into Harrow’s hands, considering the possibility of a large-scale catastrophe if the villain were to find where the goddess is being kept. As such, the scarab itself is not what’s truly important but could be a way for them to find where Ammit is so that Steven and his religious order could unleash her.