Morbius Ending Explained: Including Post-Credits Scenes


Morbius has just been released in some theaters around the world, and we are already looking at the makings of a smaller universe of Sony Marvel characters that belong to the Spider-Man franchise. Of course, it still is better to first look at what happened in the events of Morbius, how the movie ended, and how it sets up the future of Sony’s Spider-verse.

What Happened At The End Of Morbius?

After getting delayed a number of times already, Morbius has finally been released as we got to see Jared Leto in his newest comic book character role. In this case, he plays the role of Michael Morbius, the titular character of the movie, as this film seems to be some sort of an origin story for this prominent Spider-Man villain.

Of course, considering that this movie sets the entire Morbius character up the same way that the Venom films allowed us to get to know more about Eddie Brock and Venom as antiheroes, we also got to see the titular character acting as some sort of an antihero in this origin story.

Basically, Morbius starts off as a weak and frail man who was born with a rare genetic disease. And he shares the same kind of disease with his childhood friend, Loxias, who they affectionately call Milo.

Morbius, a prodigy since his childhood years, worked his entire life to find a cure for his genetic disease, and it even came to a point where he was able to develop artificial blood. However, it was only when he spliced his genes with the genetics of rare vampire bats that he was able to cure his condition, albeit at a great cost.

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While Morbius did indeed cure his condition and was able to walk and do things normally, he ended up becoming a living vampire that had the urge to feed on human blood. And when his friend got wind of this, Milo took the same serum behind Morbius’ back, and that was when the conflict began.

Essentially, a good part of the conflict in Morbius involved a cliché story of childhood friends battling one another. Morbius wanted Milo to tame his inhibitions and desire to feed on human blood. Meanwhile, Milo believed himself to be a superior being and wanted Morbius to embrace his nature and be like him.

The conflict between the two living vampires reached a point where Milo murdered Martine Bancroft, Morbius’ colleague, and love interest. Morbius fed Martine some of his blood but ended up feeding on her when he thought that she had died. Meanwhile, feeding on Martine allowed Morbius to gain the strength that he needed to battle Milo to seek revenge for what he had done.


Morbius Vs. Venom: Who Would Win and Why?

During the fight, Milo seemed to have the upper hand and looked to be the stronger of the two bloodsuckers because he had been feeding on humans the entire time, while Morbius resorted to feeding on artificial blood because his moral compass prevented him from feeding on humans.

Nevertheless, Morbius gained the upper hand on his best friend when he discovered that, through his ability to control sound waves, he was able to control bats as well. He summoned a swarm of bats that he used against Milo. As the bats pinned Milo down, Morbius used a serum that acted as some sort of poison to kill his best friend.

Of course, the police arrived late at the scene as Morbius was able to escape using his bat minions to carry him out. And the ending concluded with Martine opening her eyes and had seemingly transformed into a vampire, but it could be the undead version instead of the same living vampire that Morbius is.

Are There Any Post-Credits Scenes, And How Many?

It is natural for any Marvel film to end up having a post-credits scene. This has become a staple for most comic book films because they often use the post-credits scene to give a teaser about the future of the movie franchise and how it could tie-up with the rest of the movies that belong in the same universe.

Morbius, like almost all of the different Marvel movies, has two post-credits scenes. Of course, the scenes are about how Morbius could tie in with the other Sony Marvel movies that we have seen in the past.

In that regard, Morbius ended with post-credits scenes that people should know come in quick succession from one another. As such, those who are willing to watch the film shouldn’t have to wait too long for the second post-credits scene because it happens right after the second half of the mid-credits. 

What Do The Morbius Post-Credit Scenes Mean?

For those who are wondering what the post-credits scenes in Morbius were all about, then they are actually quite simple. The first scene involved Adrian Toomes (played by Michael Keaton), aka the Vulture, getting transported from the MCU into a cell in the Sony Spider-verse and was wondering how he got there. Meanwhile, the second scene involved Morbius driving away from the city quite possibly as a means of avoiding people that he could end up hurting. However, a suited Vulture met up with him and proposed a team up.

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There are plenty of different things that the post-credits scenes of Morbius could mean. The first is that it is also possible for the MCU characters to find their way to the Sony Marvel universe, similar to how the Sony Spider-Man villains were transported to the MCU during the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home. And that was what happened to the Vulture when he got transported to Sony’s Spider-verse after Doctor Strange “fixed” the multiverse at the end of No Way Home.

The second implication is the more important one for Sony’s own mini-universe moving forward because we now have three different villains in the same universe. Of course, we have Morbius and the Vulture. Then we can’t forget about Venom, who already has two movies under his belt in Sony’s Spider-verse.

When the Vulture appeared before Morbius to team up with him, he proposed that they should do “some good” after he blamed the events on Spider-Man. He most likely blamed it on the MCU Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and not on Sony’s Spider-Man, whoever he may be.

What this could mean is that the team-up could lead to the formation of the Sinister Six, a popular group of supervillains in the Spider-Man comic book franchise. If this universe is the same as the universe of the Amazing Spider-Man, it could be possible that Electro and Reptile could end up joining the Sinister Six roster.

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Then again, there is one big factor that is still missing here, and that’s Spider-Man. It would be totally meaningless for the Sinister Six to come together without a clear goal in mind, and the only logical goal for them is to try to take down Spider-Man. However, the only character that has a clear grudge against Spider-Man is the Vulture because neither Venom nor Morbius has met the hero.


Is Morbius in the MCU?

As such, there is a possibility that Sony’s Spider-verse could introduce an entirely new Spider-Man or allow Andrew Garfield to reprise his role as an adult and more mature version of the hero. But it could also be possible that, considering that Sony holds as much rights over Tom Holland’s character as Marvel Studios, the MCU Spidey could cross over to another universe, especially now that the multiverse concept is continuing to expand in the different Marvel movies.

That said, it seems that Morbius was merely a means to set up the Sinister Six, as Sony might have felt the need to introduce its main villains/antiheroes moving forward. Even though the last two Sony Marvel movies (Venom 2 and Morbius) weren’t really standouts, there should still be a good possibility of a Sinister Six movie happening. And the character that could end up salvaging this entire franchise is, of course, Spider-Man himself.

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