Morbius vs. Doctor Strange: Living Vampire vs. Sorcerer Supreme, Who Would Win?


The two most recent Marvel movie characters to hit or are going to hit the silver screen are Morbius and Doctor Strange, who might be Marvel characters but belong to different universes. Still, it cannot be helped that some people are going to compare the two movies because their release dates are quite close to one another. As such, the characters will also be compared to one another. So, who between the living vampire and the sorcerer supreme would win a fight?

Doctor Strange would win a fight against Morbius. Even though the living vampire is physically superior compared to the sorcerer supreme, Doctor Strange has more tools and more abilities at his disposal. As such, he should be able to find a way to counteract his physical inferiority against Morbius.

We have seen Doctor Strange doing things that normal humans should not be able to do during his MCU run. On top of the fact that he was able to momentarily go toe-to-toe with Thanos, he also had the upper hand against Spider-Man in their fight. That said, we don’t see Morbius winning against him in a fight. But let’s look at the different factors that would lead to a Strange victory.

Physical Capabilities

The biggest advantage that Morbius has over any opponent is the fact that he is far superior to a normal human being. He has super strength, speed, agility, durability, and senses. Every physical aspect that Morbius has is far above the level of any human being, and that means that he can easily overpower any non-superpowered person with his physical superiority. And that’s because he was physically augmented by his vampiric powers after a DNA alteration turned him into a living vampire.

Jared Leto Morbius Bat Swarm

Doctor Strange has no superhuman characteristics as far as his physical capabilities are concerned. Although he can use magic and perform spells that could increase his combat prowess, he still is human in every sense of the word. That means that he has no physical advantage over any other normal human being in a straight-up fight. It is actually his human factor that has always been one of his weaknesses, as Doctor Strange doesn’t have the capacity to equal the superior physical capabilities of other Marvel characters.


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There is no doubt that Morbius is far stronger than Doctor Strange because his strength is beyond what any ordinary human can accomplish. This means that he has all of the advantages that he needs against Strange when we are merely talking about a test of physical limits.

Points: Living Vampire 1, Sorcerer Supreme 0

Special Abilities

Outside of his augmented physical abilities, Morbius has also displayed batlike abilities that allow him to make use of sound to his advantage. Using his increased sensitivity to soundwaves, he could easily locate people from a distance and can also use the pattern of the soundwaves to his advantage in a fight to predict his opponents’ movements. Morbius could also use stronger sounds to fly. On top of that, he uses soundwaves to communicate with bats and use them as a weapon.

Doctor Strange is a master of the mystic arts, and that means that he has all of the tricks in the bag when it comes to his abilities. He has a spell for everything, and it was his wide variety of spells that allowed him to give Thanos and Spider-Man, two characters who are far superior in terms of physical strength, some trouble. On top of that, his spells are so powerful that they could even alter reality.


As powerful as Morbius’ special abilities are, they pale in comparison to what Doctor Strange’s abilities as a sorcerer could do. Given the fact that Strange has a wide variety of different spells that he could use, he could easily find a spell that would prove to be a counter to Morbius.

Points: Living Vampire 1, Sorcerer Supreme 1

Combat Skills

Michael Morbius was born with a rare genetic disease that left him physically weak and basically unable to walk properly before his transformation. That means that he had no combat training whatsoever, as that carried over to his life as a living vampire. He may be able to fight like a rabid beast due to his instincts as a batlike creature, but he doesn’t have the combat training that some of the other Marvel characters have.

Due to his training as a master of the mystic arts, Doctor Stephen Strange was able to become a master of martial arts. He might not be at the level of a Steve Rogers in terms of his overall abilities as a combatant, but he can surely hold his own against anybody in a straight fight. And he could augment his fighting abilities using different spells and equipment that complement the martial arts practiced by the masters of the mystic arts.

maxresdefault 6

While he isn’t the best martial artist or combatant in Marvel, Doctor Strange is still better than Morbius in strict hand-to-hand combat. And even if we were to apply Morbius’ physical superiority, Strange does have magical spells that augment his own combat abilities as well.

Points: Living Vampire 1, Sorcerer Supreme 2


Before he became the living vampire, Morbius’ intelligence was the only thing he had going for him. He used his intelligence to become the foremost expert in hematology and was able to develop artificial blood. On top of that, he could also alter genetic sequences in different animals, and that was what allowed him to create a serum that transformed him into a living vampire with batlike capabilities. That means that he is as smart as they go.

31morbius1 superJumbo

Doctor Strange, as his name suggests, is actually a doctor. Before he became a master of the mystic arts, he was a medical doctor and was the best surgeon in the United States. He also became the strongest master of the mystic arts because of his innate intelligence and hard work, and that means that he is also quite intelligent. Strange also uses his intelligence to come up with different strategies on the fly.

Both Morbius and Doctor Strange are intelligent in their own unique ways as they are both doctors that specialize in different fields. Because of that fact, we cannot give the edge to either of them, even though Strange’s innate talents in strategy may give him an edge.

Points: Living Vampire 1, Sorcerer Supreme 2


Morbius is basically a man who relies on his physical abilities and special skills more than anything else. He doesn’t have any special equipment that could aid him in battle because he relies on his vampire physiology more regardless of who he is facing in battle. As such, any character who has the right weapons and equipment may be able to match Morbius’ augmented physical abilities.

Doctor Strange isn’t only a master of the mystic arts but also has a lot of different paraphernalia and weapons at his disposal. At his peak, he used to have the Time Stone in his possession and was able to use this cosmic artifact to give problems to a godlike being like Dormammu. However, even without the Time Stone, he has the Eye of Agamotto, the Cloak of Levitation, and other magical artifacts at his disposal.


The fact Doctor Strange has a lot of different artifacts at his disposal gives him an edge over Morbius. This vampire might be able to overwhelm him physically, but Strange has weapons and magical items that could basically make things easier for him in a fight against Morbius. And it would be a cakewalk if he had the Time Stone.

Points: Living Vampire 1, Sorcerer Supreme 3


Morbius was never shown to be much of a leader during his entire run in Marvel because he was a loner that preferred to work with bats instead of other people. He may have become a member of different organizations and teams throughout his entire run, but he was often portrayed as a loner that didn’t have a lot of leadership skills. In that regard, he pales in comparison to the other characters and villains who are innately great leaders.


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Doctor Strange may not be the nicest guy in terms of the way he works with other people, but he had proven himself as a leader because, at one point, he was the sorcerer supreme in Marvel before Wong took the title out of a technicality. And in the comics, he is also described to be one of the great leaders in Marvel because he leads the masters of the mystic arts, although he didn’t work well with the other superheroes that he had to team up with at certain points in time.

Doctor Strange and Wong in Avengers Infinity War 1

While Doctor Strange isn’t at the level of a Captain America or an Iron Man in terms of his abilities to lead a team, he still is a great leader and an intelligent strategist. That gives him the edge over Morbius, who was never really the best leader in the entire Marvel universe.

Points: Living Vampire 1, Sorcerer Supreme 4

Morbius vs. Doctor Strange: Who Would Win?

As you can see, the only area where Morbius has an advantage over Doctor Stephen Strange is his physical abilities. Outside of that, Strange is better or, at the very least, on par with what Morbius has to offer. So, in a fight where both of them can unleash everything they have at their disposal, there is a good chance that Doctor Strange will come out the victor over the living vampire because of his mastery over the mystic arts and his skills as a combatant and a leader.

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