Fans Pick the 10 Most Hated ‘Star Wars’ Villains, and the List Is Despicable!

Fans Pick the 10 Most Hated 'Star Wars' Villains, and the List is Despicable!

Ranker is a popular place on the Internet where people can rank whatever they want, however, they want, and whenever they want. This is always a fan-focused ranking system, and it is never officially tied to the people behind the projects in question. Recently, a large survey was organized on Ranker, whose goal was to determine the most hated Star Wars villains of all time. The list includes a little under 100 names, but in our report, we have decided to list the top ten most hated villains from the site to provide you with better insight, combined with our original comments and opinions, which will add flavor to the whole report.

Of course, since this is indeed an important list, we have decided to report on it, so we are going to bring you the results by listing the top 10 characters on this list, from 10th to first place. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

10. Grand Admiral Thrawn

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Although Thrawn only recently made his live-action debut in Ahsoka, he has been a very important character in the Star Wars lore for years. He made appearances in the television series and in the books, cementing his place as one of the most notorious Star Wars villains of all time. On top of that, he is one of the best-written and developed characters in the whole franchise, so we’re actually glad that the fans picked him to be on this list because it implies that he is a great villain.

9. Boba Fett

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The bounty hunter from the Original Trilogy is one of the franchise’s most iconic villains. The Prequel Trilogy provided us with his background, helping the character with very little backstory to become a notorious figure whose motivations are completely clear. Boba Fett managed to get his redemption in a standalone series, and overall, he definitely deserves to be on this list, although he is definitely the least villainous of all the characters found on this list. Technically, he wasn’t that much of a bad guy in the first place.

8. Jabba the Hutt

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Is there a redeeming quality to this bag of lard? Probably not. Although Jabba was undoubtedly an interesting character in every aspect, he was a truly disgusting villain, and we definitely agree that he should be on this list, even though the competition is very tough. He is one of those ugly critters whose mere appearance is enough to make you feel disgusted, and in that aspect, his ending up on this list is completely deserved and justified, which is why we absolutely agree with the fans’ opinion when Jabba the Hutt is concerned. Yuckie!

7. Kylo Ren

image 2024 07 04 180341462

Kylo Ren is a villain in the relative sense of the term, but he did some vile things during his Dark Side period. He “caused” the death of Luke Skywalker, but he also killed Han Solo in what should’ve been a moment of reconciliation, which is probably why the fans hate him so much. But, he was a great character, very well written in that aspect, and also a character who went through a redemption arc in the end. Kylo Ren deserves to be “honored” in such a way, as he was one of the few consistently bright spots of the Sequel Trilogy.

6. Count Dooku

image 2024 07 04 180238026

If you’re just looking at the movies, this poor guy didn’t do much wrong, really. He fought Yoda and lost; he failed to kill Anakin and Obi-Wan; and he was ultimately used by Palpatine as a scapegoat. And he was a true idealist in the proper meaning of the word. It is too bad that the movies did not evolve Dooku’s role more, as he is a truly great character, but while his legacy won’t be remembered that much, he is definitely one of the most notable villains from the franchise as a whole, so we agree with this listing here.

5. General Grievous

image 2024 07 04 175918284

Ah, the famed General Grievous, the cyborg/android/whatever you want to name him, was taught the ways of the Jedi by Dooku. He was a formidable foe and a truly vile entity, especially if you consider his actions during the Clone Wars; he was a much bigger villain in the television series than in the movie, but regardless, he is still one of the best villains of the franchise and a highlight of the Prequel Trilogy. In that aspect, we can only praise his evolution and design and say that we completely agree with this listing.

4. Grand Moff Tarkin

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Tarkin was an administrator, but even though he did not do much directly – okay, he blew up a planet or two, but hey… who didn’t these days, are we right? – as he was always in the shadow of both Vader and the Emperor. But regardless of that, Tarkin’s Legady is absolutely amazing, and he is still feared and respected by fans, which is why we agree with this listing. Blinded by his loyalty and power, Tarkin is a character whose coldness and ruthlessness deserve to be “honored” in such a way, so we applaud the fans who have placed him so high on the list.

3. Darth Maul

image 2024 07 04 175813716

Darth Maul as third? We can dig that, yes. The guy killed Qui-Gon Jinn, one of the most beloved Jedi in the whole franchise, so there is really no reason not to hate him. But aside from that, Darth Maul is a great villain and one with a major legacy in the franchise, which is more evident in the Expanded Universe than in the current canon. In the end, Maul was not a classic villain, but he was a vile entity and a dangerous one as well, so there is no reason not to list him here.

2. Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader

image 2024 07 04 175626070

Vader is definitely the second-best villain in the series, but he also got his own redemption arc, so it is debatable whether he ended up being a villain or not, but we understand why he is on this list. Vader has done some horrible things in his time (and we won’t even be mentioning the monstrosities from the Expanded Universe), so there is more than enough reason to hate him, but this is also a testament to his importance for the series, as he is one of the franchise’s best villains without a shred of a doubt.

1. Palpatine / The Emperor / Darth Sidious

image 2024 07 04 175421894

And it’s Jar-Ja… yeah, we’re joking (really, yours truly personally liked Jar-Jar!), it’s – of course – Palpatine. The Emperor is clearly the franchise’s biggest villain, and because of everything he’s done, it is completely understandable that the fans hate him the most (and it’s not just because of the “Palpatine somehow survived” line, really). But this also means that he was the series’ best villain, so to be fair, this is probably the only solution we could think of in terms of ranking these characters, so it is completely deserved.

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