Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Post-Credits Scene Revealed

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe lore is only getting bigger and bigger, especially with the additions of the characters who will be getting their own series over at Disney+. Ms. Marvel, the story of Kamala Khan, is set to become the newest addition to the MCU over at the Disney+ streaming service. Ms. Marvel is set to be released on June 8, and that means that it’s on its way soon.

Of course, there were already reviewers who were able to get a sneak peek into the first few episodes of Ms. Marvel. In particular, there was a reviewer that was able to leak information regarding a post-credit scene that could be seen at the end of the first episode. So, what is this Ms. Marvel post-credit scene?

What Is The Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Post-Credits Scene?

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There have been more and more MCU series getting released on Disney+ as Phase Four is only getting bigger and bigger with the introduction of newer characters. The newest character to get their own series on Disney+ is Kamala Khan on the Ms. Marvel series, which is set to see its release on the streaming service on June 8. As such, we don’t have to wait long to see its first episode.

Nevertheless, we all know that there are some people that have seen a few episodes of Ms. Marvel ahead of its release date because they have to come up with their own reviews. In that regard, there was a French reviewer who ended up leaking a few details regarding the upcoming Ms. Marvel but limited the leak to the post-credit scene. So, what is the post-credit scene of Ms. Marvel?

Unlike most Marvel Studios productions that show their post-credit scenes at the end of the movie or series, Ms. Marvel, as the reviewer claims, has a post-credit scene that can be seen at the end of the first episode. And that seems peculiar, but it won’t stop us from figuring out what this post-credit scene is all about.


Disney+’s Ms. Marvel: What Are The First Reviews Saying?

Nevertheless, the French reviewer didn’t give out a lot of details in relation to the post-credit scene, but there are some hints that allow people to see its connection to one of the biggest Phase Four movies in the MCU. And this only makes the series more exciting to watch, especially in relation to how it is going to connect itself with the greater and larger MCU movies that we have seen.

That said, we don’t know what to expect from Ms. Marvel or the post-credit scene, but what we do know is that it is connected to the Avengers, specifically Spider-Man, which is currently regarded as the biggest movie in Phase Four of the MCU. The leak didn’t go into a lot of specifics, but it did allow us to learn a few interesting details.

How Ms. Marvel’s Post-Credit Scene Connects With Spider-Man: No Way Home

As mentioned, the Ms. Marvel post-credit scene is somewhat connected with Spider-Man. We do know that Ms. Marvel is going to introduce Kamala Khan so that it will be easier to ease her into the upcoming Captain Marvel movie, considering that she is her favorite Avengers. Nevertheless, the leak suggests that Ms. Marvel is going to have a direct link with Spider-Man: No Way Home, and that means that Kamala Khan may end up meeting Spider-Man first before she meets Captain Marvel.

Here is the rough translation of the tweet posted by that French reviewer, who leaked details in relation to the post-credit scene of Ms. Marvel episode 1:

“I forgot to tell you: I had the opportunity to see the first 2 episodes of Ms. Marvel last week and there is a post-credits scene at the end of the 1st episode which has a direct link with Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

Again, we did say that he didn’t get into a lot of details in relation to what the post-credit scene is and how it connects with Spider-Man. But the fact that the reviewer established the possibility of a connection between Ms. Marvel and No Way Home makes things interesting.

In the comics, we have seen Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man working together a few times, and that means that it is possible that the characters will end up working somewhere down the line in the MCU. So, does that mean that Spider-Man will appear in Ms. Marvel?

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It is unlikely that Spider-Man will appear in Ms. Marvel because this is entirely a Disney production. We know that Spider-Man is owned by Sony and is only allowed to appear in the MCU because of a joint project between Disney and Sony. As such, this eliminates the possibility of Spider-Man appearing in Ms. Marvel.

Then again, there is also the fact that there were photos of the set of Ms. Marvel that were leaked back in February of this year. In those photos, we saw that there were things that could point to the possibility that Ms. Marvel is connected to one of the biggest plot holes we saw in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The photos suggest that there could be a connection that will be established between the Mysterio drones that we saw in Far From Home because these drones could be making a return to Ms. Marvel. And this is perhaps the connection that the French reviewer is alluding to in his Twitter post. Whatever the connection is, we are all excited to see it when Ms. Marvel finally hits Disney+ on June 8.

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