‘My Daemon’: Netflix’s Upcoming Animated Adventure Set for November 23 Release

My Daemon

Netflix has unveiled the release date for their much-anticipated animated series, ‘My Daemon.’ With a global debut slated for November 23, fans are gearing up for an enthralling journey into a world where the supernatural meets post-apocalyptic chaos.

In the unsettling backdrop of a near-future world, ‘My Daemon’ introduces viewers to the aftermath of a nuclear explosion that causes Earth to collide with Hell. This fateful collision gives rise to a peculiar form of pollution – a mysterious dust originating from Hell.

As the world grapples with this new reality, the narrative centers around Kento, a young elementary student. His life takes a turn when he discovers Anna, a small daemon creature wandering lost in the forest. Kento, driven by compassion, takes Anna in and raises her. This newfound bond between the two becomes the heart of the series. As events unfold, Kento and Anna embark on a perilous journey to save Kento’s mother from unforeseen dangers.

My Daemon

The series boasts the creative genius of Hidetaka Adachi, better known as Otsuichi, who has penned acclaimed works such as ‘Exception,’ ‘Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror,’ and ‘Summer Ghost.’ Taking the directorial reins is Nat Yoswatananont. IGLOO STUDIO, a renowned name based out of Thailand, brings the narrative to life through animation.


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The initial buzz around ‘My Daemon’ was generated during Netflix’s virtual Tudum event in September 2022, where the project was first introduced. Since then, both Adachi and Yoswatananont have been confirmed to play pivotal roles in bringing this story to life.

While the global audience eagerly awaits its November release on Netflix, specifics regarding the number of episodes remain under wraps. As the release date approaches, both longtime fans and newcomers are filled with anticipation for this unique tale.

Keep an eye out for more details on ‘My Daemon’ as its premiere draws near. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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