My Dress-Up Darling Manga Reached a Milestone of 4.5 Million Copies

Marin Kitagawa

The fan-favorite anime/manga series Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru (My Dress-Up Darling) has surpassed a milestone for 4.50 million copies in circulation, this number is not a sale statistic. The manga had around 3.5 Million Copies before the anime release which started this January.

The announcement was made in an official tweet.


‘My Dress-Up Darling’ Releases Non-Credit Version Anime Opening On Youtube

The series author Shinichi Fukuda expressed his excitement in a tweet as “Thanks to everyone who bought it, everyone who preached it, and everyone who cast the anime staff! Thank you! It ’s amazing! !!

About the Series

My Dress-Up Darling is a manga series written and illustrated by Shinichi Fukuda; started serialization in January 2018 in Square Enix’s Magazine, the manga series is still ongoing and it’s currently in volume 8, the English version is also serialized by the same publisher who describe the series as:

A high school boy with a passion for traditional dolls and a talent for sewing gets roped into making cosplay outfits for one of the prettiest, most popular girls in his class! As the odd couple grows ever closer, they find themselves in ever racier situations!
Source: Square Enix

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