‘My Hero Academia’ Actors Reveal More Information About Upcoming Movie

'My Hero Academia' Actors Reveal More Information About Upcoming Movie

As you might know, My Hero Academia is one of the hottest anime titles right now, as the series is warming up for the premiere of Season 7 in early May. The recap series, My Hero Academia: Memories, is currently airing around the world, while the seventh season of the anime is scheduled to premiere in just a couple of weeks, as we have said. On top of that, fans of the series will be able to enjoy the summer as well, as a My Hero Academia movie, titled My Hero Academia: You’re Next, is also going to be released this year, on August 2, 2024!

We have recently reported about a trailer for the upcoming movie, and while the anime is in the spotlight, the movie is also going to be talked about in the near future. The content of the May 2024 edition of the Japanese magazine CUT has been revealed, and voice actors Daiki Yamashita, who voices Izuku Midoriya, and Koki Uchiyama, who voices Tomura Shigaraki, have talked about the series.

And while the magazine only comes out in Japanese, a good friend from Twitter (now X) provided us with an unofficial fan translation of the interview, which you can check out here:

In case the Tweet disappears later, or you have trouble opening it, here is the transcript of the translation:

Magazine: There’s a new My Hero Academia movie coming up this summer.

Yamashita: The new movie is set at the same point in the timeline as the anime, just like the previous movies, so I think it helps to add to the story as yuo can think “Wow this was happening then!”. You can see the growth of not just Deku, but all of Class A. I think it”s a movie that will remind viewers of the value and power of standing together to fight!
Uchiyama: I keep telling them to make “Villain’s Summer Vacation – The Movie” to play in theaters at the same time… but it hasn’t happened yet.
Yamashita: Hahaha, I can’t imagine Shigaraki in a bathing suit!
Uchiyama: Or maybe it could be about the villain’s vrief vacation. Ahh, I guess it wouldn’t be very exciting.

As you can see, the movie seems to be a focus of the voice actors as well, so we are quite excited to share this news with you and you should definitely keep following us, as we are going to bring you all the latest news and updates related to both the upcoming anime season, as well as the upcoming anime movie, both of which are going to be released later this year in Japan and globally.

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