‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 419 Introduces Us to All For One’s Final Form

'My Hero Academia' Chapter 419 Introduces us to All For One's Final Form

My Hero Academia Chapter 419 was officially released on April 7, 2024, and while fans are heating up for the upcoming chapter, which is set to be released on April 14, 2024, the fans’ impressions of – as many claim – one of the series’ best chapters are still quite hot and people are still discussing the events from Chapter 419, whose official title was “DESIGN”.

Now, the chapter showed us several important moments in the story, most of which were related to the stories of Izoku and Tomura, but there was also a major scoop related to All For One, the series’ biggest villain, who showed off his new form and is ready to begin a new fight against the heroes.

We know that the previous chapters were focused on the clash between Midoriya and Tomura, as the former was trying to calm the latter down and bring back his humanity. And just as it seemed that Tomura would be getting his redemption, All For One reappeared. He berated Izuku for destroying One For All and Yoichi Shigaraki but confirmed that Tomura’s defeat in the subconscious realm enabled him to take control once again.

He, of course, immediately targeted Tomura and began revealing the horrible truth about his nature, his past, and his very existence. This series of horrible truths confirmed that All For One had used Tomura to create the perfect weapon of destruction and that all the tragedies that Tomura had gone through in life were orchestrated by him to make Tomura what he is now. This immediately causes Tomura’s mind to deteriorate, and All For One is now able to take control of the villain once again, returning to his seemingly final form.

Since he could hear the screams of Tomura’s memories, he conjures one of the latter’s hands and places it over his mouth to silence it. He then observes his new body and sees the damage done, realizing that Decay is also gone. Izuku then returned as well but soon noticed that he had lost both of his arms, which caused him to scream in agony. As All For One is about to make his final move, a group of heroes, including Hanta Sero, Rikido Sato, Mashirao Ojiro, and Eraser Head, arrives to help Midoriya stop the powerful villain as the battle prepares for its next phase.

The battle against All For One is definitely heating up, and we are looking forward to some exciting moments in the upcoming chapters. This is why we would advise you to keep following us, as we are going to bring you all the latest news and updates here on Anime Horizon.

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