‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 420 Leaks: The Manga is Gearing Up for Its Biggest Fight as Class 1-A Prepares to Fight All For One!

'My Hero Academia' Is Gearing Up for Its Biggest Fight as Class 1-A Faces All For One!

The leaks for the upcoming My Hero Academia Chapter 420 are finally out in Japan and we get to know what happens in the thrilling upcoming chapter of Kohei Horikoshi’s popular manga series. Last week’s chapter presented us with the conclusion of the fight between Deku and Tomura, as well as foreshadowed All For One’s return, as it turned out that a small fragment of All For One’s evil soul was still left in Tomura.

And while Midoriya almost succeeded in swaying Tomura back to normal, the reappearance of All For One Changed everything, as a new battle was about to begin. But, before All For One could do anything, several of Izuku’s allies arrived on the scene!

The upcoming chapter leaks reveal that this is going to be a warm-up chapter, as we see several scenes involving Shota Aizawa, which don’t seem to have much to do with the current battle and seem to be flashback scenes. At the same time, the situation on the battlefield remains unchanged, as Deku is without both of his arms, surrounded by his allies, with All For One ready to charge.

But, late in the chapter, Shota Aizawa actually appears on the scene and gives Deku a fragment of Eri’s horn, which seems to bring his arms back. As All For One observes the scene, more allies arrive, and the manga seems to be preparing us for its largest fight yet.

Class 1-A is going to go up against All For One in Chapter 421, as it seems, and this promises to be the biggest fight in the series, most definitely the biggest fight for Deku’s class. It remains to be seen how Horikoshi is going to handle this fight, but knowing his work, we are certain that it is going to be epic.

But, as you might have expected, we are going to have to wait a bit for Chapter 421, as the manga is taking a break next week, so the next chapter will appear in two weeks’ time, as per the regular schedule.

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