My Hero Academia Final Arc Needs a Hunter x Hunter Chimera Ants Invasion Treatment resizeimage 7

My Hero Academia is set to finish in a year according to mangaka Hokei Horikoshi, which means that the creator of the popular superhero anime and manga will have to wrap up a great number of battles within a relatively short timeframe. This all leads to a theory that My Hero Academia mangaka will need to replicate a series of events in a treatment for Hunter x Hunter Chimera Ants invasion.

Hunter x Hunter mangaka also had to resolve a great number of conflicts and battles, which is why a highly ambitious palace invasion ensued. The battle goes on for multiple episodes even though in reality the event takes perhaps hours, which is a treatment we know as hyper-focused style. Even though the Chimera Ants invasion lasts for episodes thanks to the hyper-focused style, the epic event takes minutes and hours.


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This is achieved through taking more time to split the decision that takes a second into a prolonged dramatic sequence, which also serves the purpose to justify the characters’ actions. That is how the viewers and manga readers can appreciate the extent of information that needs to get processed before they make a final decision.

When it comes to the Chimera Ants invasion, there are multiple teams participating in the major palace invasion, which is why the attack takes a lot of time, going into details with every team involved. My Hero Academia may apply the same treatment for the final arc as there are many gaps to be closed and many scenarios to be addressed.

On the other hand, Horikoshi seems to have introduced the fans with more problems to be solved and more scenarios to be addressed, which leaves a question on how the story will wrap and arrive at a logical and satisfying climax.

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