‘My Hero Academia’ Heating Up For Season 7 with New CM Video and Recap Episodes!

'My Hero Academia' Heating Up For Season 7 with New CM Video and Recap Episodes!

Kohei Hirokoshi’s popular My Hero Academia manga has been around since 2014 and while there have been talks about the series ending relatively soon, with 39 volumes published as of the time of writing, the series is still ongoing. The anime adaptation began on April 3, 2016, and the franchise is currently heating up for its seventh season, which is – as we’ve known for a while – going to premiere on May 4, 2024, with Episode 139.

My Hero Academia is a superhero adventure manga that focuses on Izoku Midoriya, a young boy who was born without a Quirk (a superpower) in a Quirk-filled world, but nevertheless wanted to become a superhero. One day, after a fated meeting with his idol, the most powerful superhero in the world, All Might, Izoku receives the One for All Quirk and thus begins his superhero journey. Izuku enrolls in the Hero Academy and together with his friends and allies, they fight against the numerous supervillains that threaten to destroy the world.

The series has so far released numerous teaser and promotional materials, but the recent addition to the list is a 15-second CM video (TV commercial) focusing on the “Ochaco/Toga” duo and you can check it out here:

On top of that, as the series is a month and a half from its premiere, the studio has also announced that starting in April, there will be a series of recap episodes titled  “My Hero Academia Memories” that will serve as a lead-in to Season 7. The release schedule of these four episodes is as follows:

  • April 6
  • April 13
  • April 20
  • April 27

As you can see, the “Memories” episodes will run in Japan throughout April and there will be an 8-day break between the final episode and the first episode of Season 7, which airs on May 4, 2024. It is currently unknown how many episodes the season will have, but a two-cour season, like the previous ones, is something that we can expect and we are looking forward to the new adventures of our favorite superheroes.

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