‘My Hero Academia’ Izuku and Ochako Reunite in a Touching Scene

izuku and ochacho

In the newest chapter of the series My Hero Academia, Izuku Midoriy and Ochkco Uraraka are finally reunited in a touching, bittersweet scene. This was an extremely difficult time for the young heroes and none of them had time and space to process the situation they have found themselves in.

Since Kohei Horikoshi kicked off the Final Act of the manga series, a lot has happened to the characters and they are trying to deal with their demanding circumstances the best way they know. Izuku, as the main protagonist, is at the center of it all, so naturally, we see him struggle the most.

Ever since Ochako spoke up for Izuku when the citizens were trying to keep him out of U.A. High School safe zone, Izuku wanted to find her and thank her. In the preparation for the final conflict, Izuku and Ochako got the chance to talk to each other and open up about what bothers them.


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Izuku thanks Ochako for standing up to him. Ochako then admits that she is starting to feel some sort of an empathy towards Himiko Toga and how she sees now that Toga is actually just sad. Izuku feels the same for Tomura Shigaraki and sees him as a young , struggling boy.

Both of them are aware they have no clue what the future holds, but by expressing their understanding for their enemies in the times like these, they proved quality of their characters and matureness both of them possess. Still, they feel the confrontation is inevitable and the the possibility of none of them surviving fills up the air, but they do not address it.

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