My Hero Academia: What Is the Assault Dust Quirk & Who Has It?

MHA: What Is the Assault Dust Quirk & Who Has It?

The world of My Hero Academia is an amazing place where you can find various things, characters, and abilities. The Japanese take on the superhero genre is exceptionally popular around the world, and in this article, we are going to talk about one specific Quirk, which is, as we are going to explain, a big enigma in the series. In this article, you are going to find out everything you need to know about the Assault Dust Quirk and its abilities, as well as its user.

The Assault Dust Quirk is a relatively enigmatic Quirk used once in the series. It seemingly consists of the user generating dust out of nowhere and then using it for various offensive and defensive purposes based on the situation. It is relatively similar to En’s Smokescreen Quirk. It was first used by a currently unnamed student of the Masegaki Primary School, who seems to bear a resemblance to En and seems to be friends with him. Nothing else is known about this Quirk at this moment, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be an overly important one in the future of the My Hero Academia series.

The rest of this article will be about the Assault Dust Quirk, a relatively enigmatic phenomenon from the series that has been shown once and is still a topic of discussion among fans. We will reveal what is known about this quirk, how it can be compared to some other Quirks and everything that is known about the user, who is also a big enigma. We assume this is because it is unimportant, but we will still tell you everything we know. We hope there might be some spoilers here, but not too many. Still, be careful how you approach certain parts of the text.

The Assault Dust Quirk is, as is its user, a mystery in My Hero Academia

As fans of the series know, Quirks are one of the foremost narrative elements of My Hero Academia, which is why we will quickly explain their nature before we actually get to the question at hand.

A Quirk (Japanese: 個性 Kosei) is basically a genetic mutation, primarily evidenced by the lack of a joint in the little toe, which has given mankind the ability to develop superpowers. These superpowers are called Quirks, and they appear in children by the age of four. Around 80% of the world’s population is estimated to possess a Quirk. There are infinite types of Quirks, and it is extremely unlikely to find two people with the same power unless they are closely related.

These particular skills have allowed the development of a new category of people: the Heroes, who face evil-minded individuals who use Quirks for selfish and criminal purposes, commonly known as Villains. Unless you are registered as a Hero, willfully using your Quirk in a public place is a criminal offense, except in exceptional cases.


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Quirks can actually be divided into three separate groups:

  • The Emitter type is the most widespread, which gives the ability to produce and emit substances or alter materials within certain limits. As the name indicates, this type of Quirk requires conscious use and, at times, good concentration skills, especially for prolonged use;
  • The Transformation type allows the user to temporarily change his body or part of it in order to obtain a physical enhancement or additional abilities. With a few exceptions, alterations due to this type of Quirk only affect users;
  • the Mutant type, which always remains passively active by amplifying or altering the functions and abilities of an organism and, precisely for this reason, induces much greater bodily mutations in the bearer than the other types, which makes bearers of this type of Quirk easily recognizable. However, managing the control of these abilities requires training, and the resulting mutations can cause problems or discomfort to the bearers.

The term “Quirk factor” encapsulates everything pertaining to these powers, including the biological alterations and mechanisms that enable them to work as well as the unexplored parts. Sometimes, two quirks can combine to form a new quirk. A quirk can also evolve after it first appears by going through an “Awakening” process.

As a result, the Quirk acquires previously unattainable new talents. According to the widely accepted “Singularity of Quirks” theory, They will continue evolving, becoming more powerful and complicated with each new generation until they become uncontrollable.

This is the general idea behind the concept of Quirks, which means that we can now move on to the Assault Dust Quirk. The Assault Dust Quirk was first seen in Chapter 165 of the manga, titled “Win Those Kids’ Hearts,” and it was adapted in Episode 79 of the anime, which was also titled “Win Those Kids’ Hearts.” It was the only appearance of this strange Quirk, and we don’t really have any additional information aside from the facts we’ve seen in this Chapter and Episode.

So, the Assault Dust Quirk is classified as an Emitter type Quirk, which makes sense, seeing how it is used; this also confirms that we are dealing with a relatively common type, which means that the Assault Dust Quirk is not particularly special. So, what does it actually do? Well, as you might assume, the user can conjure dust with this power and then send it at their opponent in a powerful blast, which can be used for both defensive (like a smokescreen or a distraction) and offensive (to target one’s eyes, nose, or mouth, for example) purposes.

It doesn’t really do any damage, as dust is just dust, but it is quite practical if you think about it a bit, and it actually makes sense that it can be used as a practical aid in battle against one’s opponents.

Its user is an unnamed student of Masegaki Primary School who is in some way associated with En. En is a well-known character in the series, as he is one of the users of the One For All Quirk, but he is also known for being the user of the Smokescreen Quirk, which is, actually, quite similar to Assault Dust. This is why we can assume that En was friends with the unnamed user of Assault Dust and that the similarities aren’t simply a coincidence but rather something intended by the author.


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And… that’s about it. Sadly, we really don’t have any additional information for you. Assault Dust is more practical than powerful and resembles Smokescreen in many ways. Its user is an unnamed boy who seems to be close to En, and the two of them actually look a bit alike. This Quirk doesn’t seem to be too important for the plot, which is why the lack of details is not really that surprising, but we have given it our best to present you with a proper analysis of the information we have.

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